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Round Robin, Round 2

Round Robin (Medium)

How exciting to see Round 2 of our Round Robin! The creativity has just blown me away. My great hope is that each of the other participants is half as happy with my contribution to each quilt as I am with what they have added to mine!




Judy's RR

First up: Judy’s quilt. The fabrics are so pretty and soft. Helen took the little scraps and did one inch squares. This was a lot of sewing and has added so much to this creation.

Helen's RR

Second: Helen’s quilt. Judy added the curved border which really complimented all the squares and triangles. The border of the bird fabric plays into the center block – I love these birds!

Deb's RR

Third: Deb’s quilt. This outside border was my contribution. I felt like all those geometrics needed some curves. I did improve curved piecing then the corners were a play on the center block. In person, these fabrics are truly gorgeous.

Joyce's RR

Fourth: My quilt. Last round Helen added many, many crosses. This round Deb framed the cross border with the black and whites – absolutely stunning!. The curved corners are so unique!

Our next round is our last and the plan is to meet after Labor Day. I’m not even going to look at it (I have Helen’s with the birds) for a few weeks and then look for inspiration. I have a bit of an idea, but need to let it go for now. So glad we are doing this RR – the borders have been amazing and our meetings and reveals have been a lot of fun. Thank you ladies!!

Round Robin Round 1

Round Robin (Medium)

Four of us decided to do a Round Robin this year. We each made a center block of our choice, gathered the fabrics we wanted to be part of the quilt and then pass it on to the next person who then adds a row of their own design around the block. Three things that I love about this Round Robin: #1- The other 3 quilters in this group have amazing talent (a bit intimidating actually). #2 – There are no deadlines; it is a very loose schedule. #3 – Each of us will only have to do three rounds. I would not want to do this with a larger group. (following pics were taken in a restaurant without the greatest lighting.)

Here are the original blocks:

Here is round one for each block:

When I was working on round 1 and began pinning it to the center block, it hit me: “I’m working on someone else’s quilt!” (I did the round with the polka dot fabrics above.) A bit intimidating but I did like the results. I haven’t a clue what I’ll be doing for round two. Time is not my friend right now, so I haven’t even pulled out the fabrics and quilt to begin to get ideas. Best of all, I know they will be patient. I also know that whatever is sewn onto my quilt will be amazing!

The Great Stitched Postcard Swap

The Great Stitched Postcard SwapAn international swap – how fun that would be! Participants were to  make an art post card. It could be paper, fabric or the medium of their choosing.  No surprise I chose fabric.  My base was  a heavy weight fusible 5 x 7.  I began by pulling various scraps working from a Kaffe Fasset print and then adding to it – I chose 7 for my background. I layered the first two, cut a wavy line, then pulled them apart.  The first piece was fused to the base. I then layered the next two fabrics, cut a wavy line, and placed the first of those two onto the base, fitting it to the first fused piece.  I did this with all 7 fabrics – it was a fun and colorful puzzle! I used an uneven zig zag down the center of each seam using various threads.

Curve piecing ATCStrips ATC

Applique Layer ATC

I then cut leaves, a flower and the same flower  in a small size. I fused the first layer of the flower, stitched around the edges and then layered the second flower on top of it.  All this was done with a fusible backing.  I placed the leaves and then fused those down also.  I did some free motion stitching on the top flower and leaves. Embellishment was done with a few beads in the center of the flower and highlights done with some glitter paint on the leaves and Lumiere on the flower.  I then fused a piece of off white to the back of the card, trimmed the card to a 4 x 6″ and zig zagged around the edges using a varietated thread.

This card is now off to Hong Kong to my swap partner. I can’t wait to see what I receive in return! I’m especially greatful for this swap because it gave me an evening of creative play!

Art Card Completed