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Weekend Retreat Accomplishments

The sewing weekend retreat was such a success – so much accomplished! Unfortunately I came home to a dead computer. It still lies in state, so I now have to use our laptop. I don’t have everything set up on it, so I must jump through a few more hoops – I’d rather be sewing!

Picture 001 (Large)Weekend accomplishments: I finished the pink pinwheel top and added the borders when I got home. I’ll get the backing and batting ready this weekend.

Picture 003 (Large)I finished piecing this flannel hexagon baby quilt. I am in the process of machine quilting it at home.

Picture 002 (Large)This stack of leader, ender scrap 9 patch blocks got pieced and pressed at the retreat.

Picture 004 (Large)The centers of this stack of 40 blocks were already done  – I added the borders at the retreat. They just need to be pressed, squared, and put on the design board for a layout. I will probably need to make a few more.

I also did some sewing on my Christmas quilt, but not enough to show any progress. Maybe by the new year I’ll finally have an empty project bin. Of course, I’ll have it filled in no time!

One More Rag Quilt

I auditioned some flannels for another rag quilt. I chose several of Lou Lou by Anna Marie Horner and Folksy Flannel by Anna Marie Horner. Fabrics (Large)

I chose just two fabrics for the back of the quilt.  One of the Folksy Flannels and a stripe from Freshcut by Heather Bailey.

Back (Large)

I cut all the backgrounds and then added the various circles and squares that I’ll applique on top and cut the edges for the rag.  The broken black lines represent the stitching line.  I’ll clip all the appliqued pieces, then piece the squares together using 1/2 inch seam, then do the rest of the clipping.  I sew a seam 1/2 inch all around the outside and then clip the outside.

Square square (Large)

Circle square (Large)

All the squares are numbered and in a project box ready to go on a weekend trip with me and a friend –  hope to get most of it done this weekend.  The clipping can get a bit tedious, but taking the quilt out of the dryer and seeing it all fluffy is the best part! This will be a gift and I can’t wait to get it to that special person.