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Finished the baby rag quilt I started here. It was a quick sew, but the clipping took a while. I’d clip, rest, clip some more, do something else, then clip, clip, clip! The quilt has been washed and dried twice to get it fluffed up. Each washing & dry will make it more snuggly.

I secured the outside of the quilt with an extra strip doubled over instead of binding. It too is clipped. The stripe brightens the quilt and pulls it all together.

For the backing I used a bright directional print, but altered direction of the design. SNUGGLE is labeled and ready to gift!

And…my newest addition to my garden. Couldn’t resist this sign.

Yes, sometimes it does happen!

Flannel Hexies

I just loved this group of flannels. Unfortunately, I did it again – I did not save a selvage for the fabric line name. I cut out all the fabric in a hexagon shape.  This left a ton of waste triangles.  Don’t ask me why, but I have been wanting to do a machine sewn hexagon quilt wherein you sew with Y seams.  I marked the backs of all the hexies so I could see my starting and stopping points.  It was certainly slower sewing than piecing rectangles, but I really enjoyed it and it wasn’t very difficult at all. I went online to find a flannel that would work for the border and I really lucked out.  The dark brown and white polka dots worked well with the hexies even though it is a different line of fabric.  I then sewed all the waste triangles together for an accent border.  That was a lot of sewing. It got to the point I did not want to ever see another triangle! The end result was worth it – and no wasted fabric! An outside border, binding and done!

hexies on wall (Large)

Picture 003 (Large)

 Hexie final

This too is one of my UFO’s for my guild’s challenge.  I’m slowly but surely getting there.  There are 20 on my list and I should have 17 done by the end of this year.  The holidays will definitely take a bite out of my sewing time, but that’s okay – I will enjoy them! I have until June, 2015 – so here’s hoping!!

Weekend Retreat Accomplishments

The sewing weekend retreat was such a success – so much accomplished! Unfortunately I came home to a dead computer. It still lies in state, so I now have to use our laptop. I don’t have everything set up on it, so I must jump through a few more hoops – I’d rather be sewing!

Picture 001 (Large)Weekend accomplishments: I finished the pink pinwheel top and added the borders when I got home. I’ll get the backing and batting ready this weekend.

Picture 003 (Large)I finished piecing this flannel hexagon baby quilt. I am in the process of machine quilting it at home.

Picture 002 (Large)This stack of leader, ender scrap 9 patch blocks got pieced and pressed at the retreat.

Picture 004 (Large)The centers of this stack of 40 blocks were already done  – I added the borders at the retreat. They just need to be pressed, squared, and put on the design board for a layout. I will probably need to make a few more.

I also did some sewing on my Christmas quilt, but not enough to show any progress. Maybe by the new year I’ll finally have an empty project bin. Of course, I’ll have it filled in no time!

Warm and Cuddly!

Eleven fabrics came together beautifully!

Eleven fabrics came together beautifully!

Finished the second rag quilt at my getaway last weekend.  From Thursday night to late Sunday morning it was sew, sew, sew. Great Fun!! I am so fortunate to have great quilting buddies to share with, consult with,  and to sew with.

Whenever I make a rag quilt, it is such a rush to get it washed and then the big fluffy reveal when it comes out of the dryer. All the colors of the many fabrics used just came together. Honestly, it just did not look this good before the fluffing. Isn’t this quilt just perfect to cuddle with on a snowy cold day?!

Time to register – SEW MODERN RETREAT, Blowing Rock, NC  April 3-6