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Christmas Quilt – at Last!

A huge pile of Christmas fabrics has been in my stash for a long time.  I have been determined that I would eventually make a Christmas quilt or two.  And I am! I am doing a cross-cut 16 patch.  First, I sewed four 2 “ strips together (really wished I had used wider strips – makes for tiny pieces). Then, each strip set is cut across 2”, creating a row of 4 blocks.

Christmas Strips (Large)Cut Strips (Large)

Four rows of blocks are then sewed together, carefully matching seams, to create a 16 patch.  Hint:  Using a finer bobbin thread and pressing seams open makes for a nice flat block.  I like it much better than “nesting” the seams. The 16 patches are then cut from corner to corner, creating 4 triangles.  I then sew 8 of the triangles to make the block. Whew! Cut, Sew, Cut, Sew, Cut, Sew….

16 Patch (Large)Cut 16 Patch (Large)

Piece triangles (Large)

I need 6 more blocks to add to the design board.  I’m planning on using a dark green with tiny gold stars fabric for a sashing.  Won’t know about borders until I’m there.

blocks on design wall (Large)This has been a LOT of sewing, but I think it will be worth it.  I’m also determined to stick with it and not turn it into a UFO to be finished another year.