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Some “Joyful”

“No new Works in Progress this year until a few more of existing ones are complete” is what I told myself over and over again at the end of 2020. Well, inspiration hit and a quilter’s gotta do what a quilter’s gotta do! It all happened because while rummaging through a bin, I came upon some long forgotten Robert Kaufman Christmas fabrics. They are so pretty! “Joyful” was born.

Never having done a sixteen patch, but having admired them for such a long time, I decided to do one with this batch of fabric. It’s a fast and easy block which was my Psyche needed at this time (you guessed it, Pandemic Syndrome or maybe more likely just Quilter’s Squirrel Disorder!!)

Having gotten bored with the sixteen patches, and wanting four more blocks, I did stars! It was a quick finish and a lot of fun. However, the border is now a bit troubling. I put the narrow green border on thinking I was going to put a wider border on the outside using one of the prints in the collection. None of them worked. They looked absolutely terrible! I now would prefer to use the green with gold dots as a slightly wider border alone and also as the binding. Can’t – not enough fabric. A pieced border? That could work, but I just don’s want to! I’ve scoured my fabric closet and came up with nothing. I’ve also looked on line and, your guessed it – nothing. This top will now hang in the closet of flimsies until next fall when I’m sure there will be something in a fabric Christmas release that will work. Should be fun to pull this out after many months and give it its needed finish!

Wishing all of you a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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On to December!

This year seemed to drag on, but now – Oh My! The end of November already? It was such a pretty day today so we put up the outdoor Christmas lights just in time for the beginning of Advent tomorrow. A few things are up in the house, but not the tree or mantel adornments. Tomorrow – maybe.

Above is a sneak peak of a Christmas quilt I’ve been working on the past week. All the blocks are pieced, the circles hand appliqued and putting the blocks and rows together should be completed tomorrow. Borders will follow.

It’s been a very productive eleven months and I look forward to taking on a couple of challenging projects ahead of me. I won’t begin to tackle those until January, though, as there are one or two more bits I’d like to clean up that were already begun.

How has your progress been this year? Did more time staying at home make you more productive? I just hope whatever you have been doing, you have enjoyed it!

My favorite tree this time of year. The photo truly doesn’t do it justice. It absolutely glows in person. Even better, it came to me as a little baby from a dear friend.

Winning is F-u-n!

Houses (Large)I entered five quilts in our guild’s recent quilt show and was tickled to receive a First place and Third place ribbon. The third place was for my “Tweet Village.”  Our guild had a workshop with Ellen Guerrant and used her pattern “Tartan Town.” It was such fun grabbing scraps from each others’ scrap piles! I named it because there is a bird with each house – even one owl. Someone special to me rather fancy’s this quilt, so I’ve already set chosen fabrics in a project box and hope to get to it in the next year.

NZ flower (Large)

My first place was the “Pohutukawa” (New Zealand Christmas Tree) that gave me fits in the process, but am so glad I persevered, finished and entered it!

NZ flower with me (Large)

One of our members made our winning ribbons. Wish I had gotten a pic of all the different ones – each place was so unique! Along with our ribbons to pin on our quilts, we get a corresponding little yo-yo ribbon to pin to our name tags – Don’t we just love bragging rights! Two years ’til the next show – WHEW!!

Sew Much Progress

Poh with borders (Large)

The Pohutukawa (New Zealand Christmas Flower) quilt top is now all together. I completed the last of the blocks over the last two days, put the blocks together and added the border. Three fabrics were used in the border, piecing them on a diagonal. I really like the look of this – especially for a wall hanging. The border corners are mitered – something I haven’t done in a while and had to put my thinking cap on! My next challenge will be to quilt this piece.  That, however, will wait until after retreat which starts Thursday. I will be heading to Blowing Rock on Wednesday – a little R & R for myself before all the fun (and a bit of madness) begins! The next couple of days I will be finishing last-minute details for the Quilt & Sew-In Retreat 2015.

Retirement has afforded me so much time to do things I really enjoy. In the last month I have completed four books and done much organizing. Good Will has been the recipient of a couple of carloads of “stuff.” The sewing studio has also gotten a bit of a clean out and reorganization. And…much sewing has been done. This wall hanging was begun years ago and I am thrilled that it is now together. And this Christmas season it is sure to be hanging on a wall in my house!

My New Adventure!!

Great news! Last week I retired!! I have grand plans to do a lot of sewing. There has been much celebrating and meeting friends for lunch. Things will soon morph into my new normal and the studio awaits me. I have already done some rearranging – even set up my mini Keurig. Now how’s that for a sign of commitment?! Pohutukawa (Large) small block (Large) My big tackle right now is this wall quilt. (Also knowing what day of the week it is!) It is a pattern from New Zealand’s Kiwi Quilts called Pohutukawa (New Zealand’s Christmas flower) by Mary Metcalf Designs..  What I have left are eighteen (18) 3 1/2 inch blocks that have nine pieces each. They are shapes, not rectangles. And the fabric is different in each. I have really been challenged but am determined to complete this. I don’t have enough of the fabric I need to complete one of the borders, so I will be searching. It will be joyous when I get to the borders! Please join me and follow me on my new adventure. There is some travel ahead. I plan to reconnect with my garden. Many books are waiting to be read. And mostly, I will enjoy every wonderful moment I have been given.

Pinwheels, Pinwheels

Christmas Pinwheel design wall (Large)

A while back when I had my epic Christmas scrappy failure, I took all the pieces, sorted and saved them.  There were several pinwheels that were large enough and would go together for a small quilt. Now, I have wanted to make a Christmas quilt for me for a very long time and this is NOT it!  This is just a little holiday throw that will look good thrown over the bench in my living room.  It is nice that my husband really likes it.  It also felt good to use these and save some of my failure.

Corner Pinwheel (Large)

Magic Binding (Large)

The green in the pics looks more turquoise, but in person it really is green and all looks very Christmasy. The borders and corner pinwheels helped a lot. I also used a magic binding which forms a flange while sewing the binding on by machine, both back and front. (Happens to be my new favorite way of putting on a binding).

Christmas Pinwheel (Large)

What is also great, it is another UFO finish for my guild’s challenge.  I now have 17 of the 20 finished! Three more to go and I am determined to get those done by the May deadline.  And yes, I do have additional UFOs and am sure to start a few more!

The Last Christmas Quilt

photo 1 (Large)


This is another scrapbuster! I got my son’s Christmas quilt done earlier in the year and then it was time to do one for my daughter. I used the scraps from the first quilt. This quilt started out as a traditional French braid.  Seems like I never succeed at typical.  A couple of the rows were wonky. Not wanting to embrace my seam ripper for hours, I decided on a redesign.  I cut, added borders and sewed.  I think I liked this better than the original plan!  After I added the borders I felt like it just needed more – thus the holly appliques in the corners.

whole quilt


photo 3 (1) (Large)

I believe this has become one of my favorite quilts ever.  It’s bright, cheerful and So Christmas!

Scrapbuster Sunday – little gifts

Yes, I have been away.  A very busy Thanksgiving and then weeks of some nasty cold.  I know my sewing machine has been lonely.  It finally got revved up when I needed some little gifts.  I decided on festive potholders.  I have lots and lots of Christmas scraps so I began to piece and quilt. I used insulbright – 2 layers with the shiny sides facing out.  That is the side that should face the heat. It really works. I held a piece to a hot iron, and did not feel the heat! This is a great way to use some scraps and makes a nice hostess gift or stocking stuffer. I also did a couple of designer potholders. I love how dramatic this fabric is. A little quilting around the images on the fabric, some binding – and a great addition to someone’s kitchen! Now that Christmas is just a few days away, I hope you are all in a good place and not sewing frantically to get gifts done. If you are, I wish you smooth sewing!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

christ potholders (Large) reg potholders (Large)

Scrapbuster Sunday – Failure!

I have been wanting to do a Christmas quilt for my home for quite some time. I found this pattern from Moda and decided to do it scrappy. This quilt is proof that scrappy doesn’t work for everything. The pieces I used were true scrappy – not all from the same line. Big mistake – I never went to the design board until all the pieces were done. I did the big pinwheels one week, and then a month later made the little pinwheels and so on. I’ve rearranged the blocks and colors at least a hundred times and it just doesn’t work. There is no way I could bring myself to sew this together. My thinking is that the pieces were just too big to work together. Down it came, separated pieces and like fabrics and stored away. I will use the large pinwheels for the backing of the new scrappy Christmas quilt I am now making. And… the new one is working and being sewn together!
Christmas Failure (Large)

Discouraged? No! I enjoyed the sewing process and it is a lesson well learned. The other pieces are not wasted, just waiting with my other scraps to be up on the design wall another day!

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Christmas in July


full quilt 2 (Large)

At long last the split 16 Christmas quilt is finished! It is one of my UFO challenge finishes – that makes 9 out of 20. The number of pieces? 1,282! It was a lot of sewing and I am so glad I stuck with it. A Christmas quilt done in July – amazing. Now on to the other  Christmas quilt in the works!

quilt w flowers (Large)Block (Large)

I’ll need a bit of motivation to get back to it – maybe if I do something non-Christmas first. I have only about 3 more hours of work on a wall hanging that is also a UFO challenge. It will be so gratifying to be at #10.

Taking up a bit of sewing time has been helping to prep wood for the winter. I love our warm heat and low heating bills – but the work can be pretty intense. Hubby does most of it, and last weekend he and our daughter had great bonding time as they split wood for 4 hours! I don’t actually do too much, but hubby sure works like crazy and I am thankful.

It went from this...

It went from this…


to this...

to this…


to this!

to this!


Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!

Lots of cutting, splitting, stacking and sweat!