Applique Update & Detour


A very long time ago I began to hand applique Lollypop Tree by Kim McLean. The background for my first block wasn’t quite what I wanted so I began again, using a gray and white backgrounds. Much better! There are now three complete and the fourth one is very close to being done.


But I’ve come to a complete halt. I was so on fire to finish this one and get to number five. My plan is to do six total as the blocks are rather large. Most unfortunately I’ve developed what I believe is tennis elbow and I cannot do hand applique until it’s better.


Big whimper – it hurts My research has shown that this could take months – Grrr!!  I see the doctor next week to get an official diagnosis and plan of action although I’m betting it won’t be much different from what I’m doing now – limiting what I do with my right arm, exercises, and icing it regularly.

Big SIGH…I want to applique!!

Tennis Elbow


Baby Tag Blankies – and Tutorial


Recently I was asked to make several baby tag blankies – some in pink and some in blue. This really is such an easy project and a great gift idea.


Baby Tag Blankie PDF























Cutting & July Wrap-up

A small retreat awaits me come Labor Day so I wanted to do some prep.  Most of my Works in Progress are not travel worthy – they are at the point that there’s too much thinking or I’m just not motivated to work on them. Interesting how when I begin my projects I’m SO excited and then, WHAM! Somewhere along the line I lose that enthusiasm. Fortunately, I tend to regain it later, sometimes even years later and manage to complete the project!

I recently purchased a kit on clearance and knew it was perfect for retreat. It took very little time to cut as there were two charm packs that did not need to be cut and a solid that was cut into strips and then subcut. Here are the charm packs – such pretty batiks!


Then there is an off white neutral and this really pretty dark turqoise batik. The pattern picture shows this fabric used as a very narrow border, however, it is nowhere in the directions! That would make it tough for a beginner, but I’m okay. I’ll decide the width I want to use once the body of the quilt is together.


And here’s to hot, hot July.  I did escape to the mountains once and then to the beach for a few days. It may not look like I did much sewing, but I did complete a very large flimsy – a bed quilt for our master bedroom.

July WIPs

No Sew Blue Ridge Getaway

It’s been hot – really hot! An overnight to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Village of Blowing Rock were definitely in order! It has become our “go to” get away destination. And, sometimes it’s a good thing to get away from the sewing studio!

We began at the Moses Cone park where there is quite a choice of hiking trails. We chose the Flat Top Trail which was just under five miles leading up to a fire tower and then back to the parking lot. The incline, thankfully, was gradual and having the fire tower as a destination made it just a bit more fun. The views along the way were spectacular! Coming back down was a breeze but I must admit, we were grateful to have a sit down in the car!

Just a few minutes away in downtown Blowing Rock we checked into our hotel, Meadowbrook Inn.  I love this place. It’s where I host the two Quilt & Sew-In retreats each year. I started out our stay with a swim in the indoor pool. The water temp was perfect and there wasn’t any harsh chemical smell. After a sinfully long hot shower we went to the outdoor terrace and enjoyed some bubbly before heading down the street for dinner.  There is quite an array of excellent restaurants to choose from all within walking distance and then more that you can drive to.

The rooms are all updated, lovely and very comfortable. Never have I experienced such a friendly and helpful staff. The complimentary breakfast is unlike I have ever experienced at a hotel before. And there’s a variety – the menu changes! Also, I attended an event there this spring and the chef is very talented. Outside there is a pond that is home to several ducks – duck food is available and they are fun to feed. (I am not paid for this revue – I just truly love this establishment!)


The next morning we walked along downtown before the shops opened – it was a bit like having the place to ourselves! I do want to mention, however, that there are great shops in BR.  Flowers love the cooler temps and the rain the area gets. It’s all just so beautiful. I have always admired the Episcopal church and its garden. One of these days I’m going to get to see the inside!



We then headed to Bass Lake, about a three minute drive from Main Street, for a one mile walk around the lake before heading home. Ahhh. refreshed! We’ll need to stay two nights next time!

Back to home to quilt and sew now that I’m refreshed!

#MeadowbrookInn   #VillageofBlowingRock

Last Border, Round Robin

Finally!! This Round Robin project has been around forever! There was only one border remaining for me to do but I just couldn’t decide. At first I was so sure it was to be yellow.  I even sewed one strip on only to see it wasn’t the right one. Not much unsewing, so that was okay. Lots of auditioning and finally decided on a black and white print. I was also determined to use something from my stash!


I didn’t like all one plain border – just didn’t seem to go with all the other rounds that the very talented participants added to my center block.  I tried a plain black corner square. Nope. So I mimicked the previous pieced corner square and finally finished the final border!


I like it! It has now been added to the “to be quilted pile” that I’ve never had, said I would never have, but is now a reality. I’m thinking of getting a quilt ladder for my studio to display the flimsies – why not enjoy them instead of being piled in a closet?!

Thank you so very much to Helen, Deb and Judy for this wonderful experience doing a Round Robin. I love my quilt!

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Quick Strip Piecing

Have you ever just wanted to sew, sew, sew?! No complex cutting, no pinning, and especially no thinking! That’s exactly how I felt a few days ago.  I dug through my charity quilt bin and pulled out pretty strips that a reader donated last year. They were not full strips, some really short, some half strips and the full length ones I cut so I would have all varying sizes.  I wanted some sort of accent in there so I cut 2 x 2 1/2″ black and white blocks to put between each strip.


And next?  I sewed! All the black and whites were attached, then each of the pieced strips got sewn together at the short ends. After that, the sewing marathon began! I sewed and sewed, jelly roll race style and ended up with quite a colorful and happy quilt top. Such a happy no-brainer!

There was enough of a dark blue fleece for the backing so the next day I sandwiched and quilted.  I had a little time the next afternoon to attach a binding and YEAH! Another Hospice quilt was born, and added to the pile that will be donated in November.

This process was the cure I needed to get back to my other Works in Progress.  A win-win!

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My Minky Misadventure

Where did my post go?? I will attempt a rewrite.  For some reason, when checking today, all my text was gone!

I recently decided to order a few very pretty and oh so soft Minky fabrics for a baby gift.  I chose a very simple pattern – Bento box block.

I looked up all the suggstions for sewing with Minky and followed them.

  1. Simple pattern
  2. Use lots of pins
  3. Sew with walking foot
  4. Sew slowly, guiding fabric
  5. Do not iron (will melt fabric)


The backing was also Minky – so pretty!

When finished, this blanket was NOT flat.  This will not be gifted after all.  Maybe it will go to a little girl for her doll.  Sigh…


I have said “Never Again!” There are, however, leftovers, so I might just try again later…MUCH later!

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