Quilt & Sew-In Spring Part II

Quilters beware – prepared to be wowed and tempted by the awesome projects and talents of those who attended the Quilt & Sew-In Spring retreat this past weekend in Blowing Rock.

Janet’s work is wonderfully colorful. Familiar with the Gypsy Wife quilt? She made not one, but two that she brought to Show and Tell!

IMG_1647 (Medium)

IMG_1645 (Medium)

Check out the bin of itty bitty squares she was working with at retreat – you guessed it – one inch! Oh how she sewed, and sewed, and sewed!

Beverly is the resident night owl – last one at night, first in the morning. And she gets it done! This batik quilt top was just so stunning! She also reintroduced herself to “Y” seams (not my favorite!)

IMG_1648 (Medium)IMG_1693 (Medium)

Tucked in a back corner was Jean – just look what she was putting together on the design wall! And yes, she did get it all put together. In all fairness, the blocks were already done when she arrived, but it was still a huge accomplishment!

Some quilters talents go beyond quilting. Love this nifty thread cone holder Sandra made from materials she had at home. She is also Zen Tangled certified and made this beautiful lantern. I was the honored recipient and I’m still giddy about it! She blew us away with her applique quilt (all hand done). It is for her guild’s blue, yellow and green challenge this year – a winner if you ask me!

Everyone has the option to put together precut blocks for charity quilts that will be going to Hospice. I had enough block “kits” ready for four quilts – they sewed them ALL!! There was a drawing on closing night and Cathy won a cool quilt clock kit. She had also been hard at work on her “Crackers and Cheese” quilt. We could not, however, convince her to add a mouse to the mix!

Not only did Jean get a long ago block in a box pieced, she put together a backing that could easily have been the front! I am absolutely drooling over those colors!

So much more to share –

Cindy’s Sun Bonnet Sue had a history and she does love to piece scrappy!

Nell finished her QAYG quilt started in a galaxy far, far away!! She also began a rail fence from a jelly roll and boy – quite a bit of progress was made!

This was the second visit to Q&S-I Retreat for Carol’s chickens. They are just too fun. Her focus this weekend was buttonhole stitching around each applique and by golly I think she got it! We are so looking forward to it all being together next year!

Marlyn shared her purple quilt and Linda had a chenille quilt. Both seasoned quilters, it’s always a joy to see their work.

Linda worked on a project she’d had for quite a while – this is a beautiful block. This pic does not do the fabrics justice. She also showed a comfort quilt she made – so generous.

Tina and her sister Audrey worked together on their quilts. Audrey even bought a new machine the second day of the event – yeah her!

Liz had a really cute  table runner – she’s ahead of the game to quilt it for next  Valentine’s day!

IMG_1692 (Medium)

An interesting take on a row-by-row pattern – use it in a jelly roll quilt. Very clever and attractive Pat!

IMG_1649 (Medium)

Whew! I’m worn out – how about you? I’ll post a few more people pics on the Quilt & Sew-In Facebook page. Want to have this much fun too? There are still 2 openings in the Quilt & Sew-In Fall II – do join me!

Visit the retreat Facebook page for more smiles!




Sew Much Sewing, Sew Much FUN!!!

IMG_1661 (Medium)

Just back from the Quilt & Sew-In Spring Retreat and WOW! It was such a good time. I am always impressed with the fun attitude and amazing camaraderie at retreat. I am also always wowed at how much everyone accomplishes and their exceptional talents. There is so much to show, I will do this in two parts.

Our Venue:  The Meadowbrook Inn, Blowing Rock, has been home to the Quilt & Sew-In Retreat for five years. The sewing room is bright and each sewer gets their own table. There are 3 pressing stations that are counter height, and 3 cutting stations counter height. Each day we start out in the pretty windowed breakfast room.

Thank you Island Batiks for the pretty charm packs for everyone!

Free Spirit and Rowan Fabric also generously donated hexie charm packs with Kaffe Fassett, Joel Dewberry  and Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Building up our stash!!

IMG_1697 (Medium)

The “Mad Button” game was played and lasted 24 hours. It was brutal! If someone said “quilt” or “fabric,” one of their red buttons would be taken – she with the most red buttons won. (Thinking about how often you say those two words? ) Cindy played with a fun and ferociousness that couldn’t be beat – 21 buttons gave her the win! She scored  a ceramic magnetic pin dish with pins.

Quilt! – the Quilt & Sew-In’s very own first cousin to Bingo, was played several times over the weekend. Winners enjoyed the new Oly Fun craft fabric by Fairfield. Great opportunity to try something new!

IMG_1666 (Medium)

Whew! There’s LOTS more to share – tomorrow. Visit again to see the amazing creative projects by all who attended! Sorry, I have to use this word again – “WOW!!!”

Where Did April GO?

It has been a beautiful Spring here in the Piedmont. A few really hot days, but mostly seventies with sunshine and just the right amount of rain. I have been more motivated than I have been in several years to work in the yard. There is a mighty lot to catch up on! The daffodils were spectacular, the azaleas were joyous and now we are awaiting the next blooms. I planted several annuals in pots – no longer do I plant masses of begonias or impatience in the ground (too much work!) And, what I used to spend on plants I now have allocated to quilting!


I did manage to spend a good amount of time sewing and April certainly produced positive results. The above quilt for Hospice was made from bright random strips of batiks donated by Robert Kaufman. (I’m working on using the Ipad camera, so sorry it’s a little fuzzy.) To date this year, six donation quilts are completed. I also completed a top that is going to be a wedding present for a special couple (I’ll save that for another post). I’ve got some things ahead of it before I quilt it, but am planning on doing that in August. The wedding isn’t until October so I should be safe – hopefully!!

April Project List

How was your April? Did you spend it in the garden? Did you do sewing or work on a different hobby? Read some good books? I love to hear how others spend their creative and/or down time.

Less Than Two Weeks to GO!!!

It’s SO close! (See the countdown.) The Spring Quilt & Sew-In is almost here! Now it’s time to take a moment to thank all our incredible sponsors:

Island Batik, Free Spirit Fabric, Pineapple Fabrics, June Tailor, Quilter’s Dream, Fabric Editions, Fairfield, A & E Gutterman, Clover Needlecraft, Olfa, Prym, The Warm Co., Colonia Needle and C&T Publishing.

A BIG thank you also to the fabulous shops offering retreaters a discount:

Sew Original, The Quilt Shop, Mountain Thread Company and Unwound Yarn.

WOWWW!! We will sew, shop, laugh, sew some more, shop and laugh even harder!

Logos 2017

Check the Retreat Page for upcoming retreats – Fall II in November and 3 retreats in 2018!!

Snow Fun!

IMG_1596 (Medium)

I recently traveled outside of my “box” and entered the Martelli Quilt contest.  There was a theme choice of Winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Autumn. I chose Winter and was sent these templates:

Winter Templates

There was no set criteria except for the size of the finished panel. My interpretation was that although we did not need to use all the templates, I should use as many templates as many times as I could. My guess was that the quilt panels would be displayed at market and/or shows to show how the templates could be used. I used the quarter round template 38 times, the Snowman template 3 times and the mitten template 6 times. This did not seem to play into the judging, however. I did not make it as a finalist, but thoroughly enjoyed the process. For a few days I threw myself into this project. My only regret is that we don’t get the panels back (we do keep the templates.)

I had fun creating the winter sky with a bit of crazy, no plan piecing. Embellishing the snowmen definitely fed my creative side.

Would I do this again? Probably not this particular contest unless there were more guidelines and would be able to get my project back when the company was done with it. It was, however, definitely an excellent experience!


Snow Fun (Medium)

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Pups & Kittens Top Finished!

Pups & Kitties whole (Medium)

Oh how I love a finish! Yes, it does need to be quilted, but for me getting this top done was quite a feat! When I posted about this quilt earlier, I was just beginning to work on the setting and am so pleased with the look. Thanks again to hubby for putting this setting on EQ for me.

Here’s a close-up of a few of the blocks. And yes, there will be quite the pressing session before quilting.

You help is needed: okay my creative friends. I cannot decide on the quilting for this quilt. Overall or custom? Please weigh in with your opinions – I don’t want this to be in the to be quilted pile for too long! Thank you.

Pups & Kitties whole 2 (Medium)


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Adventurous Applique

An Island Batik Ambassador Adventure

Adventurous Applique Graphic (Medium)

Our April IBA project was “Adventurous Applique.” This played perfectly into a little project I have been wanting to do – a little project tote bag. I pulled out a number of the six inch strips from the rolls we received from Island Batiks, cut them into various strip widths and sewed two sets together. I sewed those to a neutral top.

IMG_1583 (Medium)

I pulled out my bag of IB scraps and cut a bunch of long skinny flower petals. I fused a stem and then fused the petals. I did the flower as a raw applique and added a center.

IMG_1584 (Medium)

A lining was added and voila! A cute little project tote bag that’s full of color, color, color!

Applique Bag (Medium)

Applique bag inside (Medium)

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