End of May – Lots of Sewing!

We had lots and LOTS of rain this past month. In one week alone we had five inches at our home! Yes, the rain is great, except it makes it a bit soggy to garden. So, what to do? Sew! I’ve also been getting my projects ready for the June week long residency I will be enjoying. Normally my end of month wrap-up’s progress list shows all. However, I’ve prepped six charity projects to bring with me for the residency, and will group them together for now. (Note: Below list updated May 31, 2017)

May 2017 Project List

Yes, I am bringing a LOT, but I would rather have way too much than not enough. I’m also bad about getting bored with a project part way through and want to move on to another. I’m also being very careful about stocking my tool box. I’ve included two full packs of sewing machine needles and a 5-pack of rotary blades. I’d rather not have to go down the mountain to get any sewing supplies. Lots of threads and two sewing machines will also be going with me.

Tribe in Progress (Medium)

Now, back to a project that will not be going with me – Tribal. I loved this pattern when I first saw it and had fabric in my stash that worked. Though not difficult, it is quite a bit of sewing. Now that it’s on the design wall, I really want to move it along, so off I go!

Charity Quilting Update

A while back I entered the Hands to Help Charity Quilt Challenge at Addictions of a Fabric Addict created by Sarah. Thank you Sarah for this opportunity and for pulling the quilting community together for several worthy causes! I’ve actually had the quilt done for some time, but this deadline got away from me a bit. The Spring Retreat and upcoming quilt show for my guild has gotten me off kilter a bit, but I am determined to get back on track.


It is amazing how quilters swarm to such worthy charitable causes. I am sending this colorful quilt to Happy Chemo.

I spent some time recently going through a few bins in my fabric closet. You know the ones that should be labeled “what the heck is in here anyway?”! I found a few leftover batik rectangles from a quilt I made years ago. My first impulse was to throw them into the box I was donating to my guild’s quilt show. Luckily I put them on the design wall first. Behold! A table topper. Each year my guild donates table runners and table toppers to Habitat for Humanity. They in turn give one to each new home owner. Such a nice way to help dress up a new home!

IMG_1740 (Medium)I did spiral quilting which is just so easy and quick on a small piece. Funny, whenever I do a spiral on a large piece I have to stop a few times because I get motion sickness!

IMG_1742 (Medium)

There are several more charity quilts that I need to bind, a few tops to quilt and several blocks to be pieced together. I made this my focus this year and so far I am excited to be headed in the right direction.


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Modern Batik Challenge

An Island Batik Ambassador Adventure

For May, we were challenged with a Modern Batik quilt. My first choice was to do a small wall hanging – I find those a little easier for modern than a larger quilt, but then I decided it was time to break out of the mold and go bold so I chose to do a small lap quilt.

Modern Batik

I went through all my yummy Island Batiks and chose blues and greens, various neutrals for the top portion and a neutral for the section out of the main square. I love this color palette and doesn’t that make sewing them together that much more fun? This quilt is made up of all five inch squares set on point. I did do a pencil sketch, but somehow when the squares were on the design board, I was not happy. What to do? I had them all cut. Then a funny thing happened. I sat on the sofa on the other side of the room and looked over at the design wall and it appeared totally different than when I looked at it straight on! I liked it! Whew!!

Modern Batik

Lots of piecing and then straight line quilting. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many stitches are in the quilting? Then again…maybe not! I used Aurifil 2311 (neutral) for the piecing and Fantastico 5166 for the quilting – both a dream to work with.

Modern Batik 2

Be sure to check out all the Modern Batik creations by the Island Batik Ambassadors here.

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Round Robin Round 1

Round Robin (Medium)

Four of us decided to do a Round Robin this year. We each made a center block of our choice, gathered the fabrics we wanted to be part of the quilt and then pass it on to the next person who then adds a row of their own design around the block. Three things that I love about this Round Robin: #1- The other 3 quilters in this group have amazing talent (a bit intimidating actually). #2 – There are no deadlines; it is a very loose schedule. #3 – Each of us will only have to do three rounds. I would not want to do this with a larger group. (following pics were taken in a restaurant without the greatest lighting.)

Here are the original blocks:

Here is round one for each block:

When I was working on round 1 and began pinning it to the center block, it hit me: “I’m working on someone else’s quilt!” (I did the round with the polka dot fabrics above.) A bit intimidating but I did like the results. I haven’t a clue what I’ll be doing for round two. Time is not my friend right now, so I haven’t even pulled out the fabrics and quilt to begin to get ideas. Best of all, I know they will be patient. I also know that whatever is sewn onto my quilt will be amazing!

Boone, NC – Sew Original

IMG_1638 (Medium)

Look closely, see the rocking chair at the front entrance to this quilt shop? Had hubby been with me, that’s exactly where he would have been! Such a welcoming entrance. And I love the quilts hanging outside – how original is that?! The Quilt and Sew-In Retreats are held in beautiful Blowing Rock, NC. Just a short drive down the road from this beautiful mountain town is Boone, NC. One of the perks of retreat is the discount retreaters receive at area quilt shops. Sew Original, a big beautiful quilt shop is one of them!

IMG_1632 (Medium)

I was greeted with a smile and friendliness – always a perk when shopping for fabric. There is an excellent and varied selection of top quality fabrics. At every turn there was color and texture. Modern fabrics, batiks, traditional, flannels, solids, florals and wool – whatever a quilter would want! There was a wonderful selection of patterns, books and quilty things. What are quilty things? Fun little gadgets that we quilters embrace.

And how tempting were all those amazing sewing machines. There were basic sewing machines, embroidery and the ultimate machines for quilters. I was sure to not linger too long looking at the machines. Temptation would surely set in and I would be dreaming of a new machine for days to come!

IMG_1635 (Medium)IMG_1636 (Medium)IMG_1637 (Medium)

The staff was busy with other customers and prepping fabrics for their Row by Row. Maybe they were a little bit camera shy? They also offer quite a buffet of classes and clubs which may all be found on their website. You’ll just need to go there in person to experience all the quilty wonder and friendliness!


Quilt & Sew-In Spring Part II

Quilters beware – prepared to be wowed and tempted by the awesome projects and talents of those who attended the Quilt & Sew-In Spring retreat this past weekend in Blowing Rock.

Janet’s work is wonderfully colorful. Familiar with the Gypsy Wife quilt? She made not one, but two that she brought to Show and Tell!

IMG_1647 (Medium)

IMG_1645 (Medium)

Check out the bin of itty bitty squares she was working with at retreat – you guessed it – one inch! Oh how she sewed, and sewed, and sewed!

Beverly is the resident night owl – last one at night, first in the morning. And she gets it done! This batik quilt top was just so stunning! She also reintroduced herself to “Y” seams (not my favorite!)

IMG_1648 (Medium)IMG_1693 (Medium)

Tucked in a back corner was Jean – just look what she was putting together on the design wall! And yes, she did get it all put together. In all fairness, the blocks were already done when she arrived, but it was still a huge accomplishment!

Some quilters talents go beyond quilting. Love this nifty thread cone holder Sandra made from materials she had at home. She is also Zen Tangled certified and made this beautiful lantern. I was the honored recipient and I’m still giddy about it! She blew us away with her applique quilt (all hand done). It is for her guild’s blue, yellow and green challenge this year – a winner if you ask me!

Everyone has the option to put together precut blocks for charity quilts that will be going to Hospice. I had enough block “kits” ready for four quilts – they sewed them ALL!! There was a drawing on closing night and Cathy won a cool quilt clock kit. She had also been hard at work on her “Crackers and Cheese” quilt. We could not, however, convince her to add a mouse to the mix!

Not only did Jean get a long ago block in a box pieced, she put together a backing that could easily have been the front! I am absolutely drooling over those colors!

So much more to share –

Cindy’s Sun Bonnet Sue had a history and she does love to piece scrappy!

Nell finished her QAYG quilt started in a galaxy far, far away!! She also began a rail fence from a jelly roll and boy – quite a bit of progress was made!

This was the second visit to Q&S-I Retreat for Carol’s chickens. They are just too fun. Her focus this weekend was buttonhole stitching around each applique and by golly I think she got it! We are so looking forward to it all being together next year!

Marlyn shared her purple quilt and Linda had a chenille quilt. Both seasoned quilters, it’s always a joy to see their work.

Linda worked on a project she’d had for quite a while – this is a beautiful block. This pic does not do the fabrics justice. She also showed a comfort quilt she made – so generous.

Tina and her sister Audrey worked together on their quilts. Audrey even bought a new machine the second day of the event – yeah her!

Liz had a really cute  table runner – she’s ahead of the game to quilt it for next  Valentine’s day!

IMG_1692 (Medium)

An interesting take on a row-by-row pattern – use it in a jelly roll quilt. Very clever and attractive Pat!

IMG_1649 (Medium)

Whew! I’m worn out – how about you? I’ll post a few more people pics on the Quilt & Sew-In Facebook page. Want to have this much fun too? There are still 2 openings in the Quilt & Sew-In Fall II – do join me!

Visit the retreat Facebook page for more smiles!




Sew Much Sewing, Sew Much FUN!!!

IMG_1661 (Medium)

Just back from the Quilt & Sew-In Spring Retreat and WOW! It was such a good time. I am always impressed with the fun attitude and amazing camaraderie at retreat. I am also always wowed at how much everyone accomplishes and their exceptional talents. There is so much to show, I will do this in two parts.

Our Venue:  The Meadowbrook Inn, Blowing Rock, has been home to the Quilt & Sew-In Retreat for five years. The sewing room is bright and each sewer gets their own table. There are 3 pressing stations that are counter height, and 3 cutting stations counter height. Each day we start out in the pretty windowed breakfast room.

Thank you Island Batiks for the pretty charm packs for everyone!

Free Spirit and Rowan Fabric also generously donated hexie charm packs with Kaffe Fassett, Joel Dewberry  and Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Building up our stash!!

IMG_1697 (Medium)

The “Mad Button” game was played and lasted 24 hours. It was brutal! If someone said “quilt” or “fabric,” one of their red buttons would be taken – she with the most red buttons won. (Thinking about how often you say those two words? ) Cindy played with a fun and ferociousness that couldn’t be beat – 21 buttons gave her the win! She scored  a ceramic magnetic pin dish with pins.

Quilt! – the Quilt & Sew-In’s very own first cousin to Bingo, was played several times over the weekend. Winners enjoyed the new Oly Fun craft fabric by Fairfield. Great opportunity to try something new!

IMG_1666 (Medium)

Whew! There’s LOTS more to share – tomorrow. Visit again to see the amazing creative projects by all who attended! Sorry, I have to use this word again – “WOW!!!”

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