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Oops! Forgot One!


As I was looking through one pile of my quilts, I realized I missed posting about one of my finishes – and it’s one I really like! I’ve made more than one quilt from this fabric collection and after having done a charity quilt, thought I had finished it all up. Then…I rearranged some fabric in my main closet and there it was – a bunch more!


I cut it all up into triangles, mixed them up and began piecing. For the sashing I chose a gray and white polka dot rather than plain white. It brings out the colors in the prints rather than a stark contrast. Admittedly, polka dots are one of my favorite blenders.


This past year I have been challenging myself with pieced borders to help bring out the main design. It’s a little more time consuming, but well worth it. Cindy B, my long-arm quilter, used a really fun quilt pattern giving the quilt a lot of movement.  I really do like this collection – fun and bright – a good choice for leading us into Spring!!


Today I’m linking up with Oh Scrap!

World Quilt Show Orlando


So fun to gift a quilt to an old friend!

Last week hubby and I took a road trip to Florida. First stop Savannah, Georgia, then on to Cocoa to visit a friend and gift her a quilt. Two days at Cocoa Beach and then a stopover in Orlando for several hours for the World Quilt Show. This is just a sampling of some of the fine works displayed.

There was a whole display of modern quilts. I found myself studying them and storing away ideas.

These quilts truly blew me away – hand appliqued and hand quilted – all to perfection! Amazing!!




I really liked the way wearables were displayed. It was fun to walk through the display and see all sides of each entry.


I’m always fascinated with the detail that goes into some quilts as it did with this parrot.

This row by row caught my attention – in the close-up those squares are only 1/4 of an inch!

Bright colors always catch my attention as you can see here:

We went on to visit family in two other cities and then headed home. After a week of 80 degrees it’s a bit tough being in the colder temps, but I know spring is right around the corner. Please?!!

Planning for 2017

Oh yes, it is so very close! I’ve mentioned so many times throughout 2016 that one of my goals was to whittle down the number of Works in Progress I have stacked in my studio. What better way than to join in with the 2017 Planning Linky Party at Quilting JetGirl? Linking Up is new to me and I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the great cyber quilting world!


So what does 2017 have in store for me? This is what I’m aiming/hoping for:

  1. Continue to work on my WIPs, completing at least five.
  2. Join a round robin (actually I have already – it begins in January and I’m really excited. We are a group of 4. The other 3 are truly amazing quilters so I will definitely be challenged). My center block is one I already have started!
  3. Reorganize my hoard of fabric, one more time.
  4. Make and complete 6 charity quilts.
  5. Already planned, but not yet cut, is a quilt I will make for a dear couple getting married next year.
  6. Learn and challenge myself to at least one new technique.
  7. Write a pattern for a quilt I have already made that I have had a few requests for. I have written several patterns, but this one may be a bit more challenging as I made the quilt over a year ago.
  8. This is a big one – not start any new projects except for the wedding quilt until at least five of my WIPs are complete.
  9.  2017 Fall II Quilt & Sew-In Retreat – this is already added to the calendar, making it 3 retreats a year! I’m super excited and hope you’ll join me.

Do you plan your projects or do you progress strictly by inspiration? Do you limit your Works in Progress or is the sky the limit?

Tango – A Fun Finish


Yes! Another finish! I named it Tango because of the movement of both fabric and the quilt pattern and having another finish made me feel like dancing!! This is the second quilt I’ve made with this fabric and really love the colors. It will be a gift for a friend, just because and isn’t that the best kind?


How do you like this “artsy” pic below – tilted with the shadow of me taking the pic! LOL



November did see some progress. I really do a fair amount of sewing, so why doesn’t the list get noticeably shorter?? Although, there are 20 finishes so far! Even better, I did empty two project boxes. One I put jewelry making supplies in and the other is now home for my silk threads and pearl cottons for applique work. This project box works perfectly for these supplies!



Scrapbuster Sunday – Scrap Rugs!

Scrap Crochet Rug (Large)

My great scrap adventure continues. Actually, it’s more like a great video game that I think I am losing! A huge amount of scraps went into this project (I first posted about this project here) and it was fun and easy. A scrap crocheted rug! I cut strips of scraps, 1 1/2″ wide, choosing my longest scraps. I then chain pieced them together. I did several batches. I have seen that some press the strips in half – hah! Not going to happen. Some roll the “fabric yarn” into a ball. Double Hah! Not going to happen. By making several batches instead of one large one, it was quite manageable. I crocheted a chain of 25 stitches, then single crocheted. This first rug was not planned with color at all, until I did the last round around the whole rectangle, for which I chose yellows. I love all the color fun going on in this rug! It now lays colorfully on the guest bathroom floor.

Crochet scrap rug round

I liked it so much it was a no brainer to do another! This one is more planned – yellows, gold and browns. And this one is round. I really enjoyed crocheting it in a circle. It’s 24 inches diameter and may need a few more rows added to it. I’ll live with it a while and then decide.

AND…drum roll…no more yellow scraps! Of course, I am sure to need some soon for another project (Is “Quilter’s Law” something like “Murphy’s Law?!”)

Lots of July Sewing!

Puppy Town Quilt

End of July already?? The intense heat of this month has kept me in my quilting studio. Certainly not a bad thing, but I would like to enjoy the outdoors just a little bit more. I did just have a very special weekend escape to the mountains of NC, just outside of Boone. A very generous friend invited me to do my own personal little retreat. I did do some sewing, lots of reading, and mostly relaxing. It was a very special three days for which I am so grateful. And look – is this place not darling? Looks like its right out of the thirties, but they did build it themselves. It’s one big room – nice and simple. The temperatures were comfortable, even cool in early morning and the views outside were wonderful. Thank you friend!

I did have a few finishes in July. My biggest accomplishment was another of Ellen Guerant’s wonky houses. I call it “Puppy Town” – there are several puppies living outside some of the houses and one kitty! When my niece visited last year she mentioned (well, a little more than mentioned) how much she liked my wonky house wall hanging. Love her to death so it left me with no choice – make her one! The quilting went fairly quickly – one day of sewing. The binding and then it was in the mail – whew!

House tag

I made the label to mimic the quilt block design – fun!

My Works in Progress chart is updated. How is it there have been so many finishes this year and the number of WIP have not decreased? It is at 23. Three of the WIPs just need bindings, so that will be a fairly quick finish.  I have promised myself that I will NOT start anymore projects until I have this list whittled down to five. Maybe it’s part of getting older, but the number has begun to overwhelm me. Today I’m off to my son’s house for two days of dog sitting – should get some sewing done.

Works in Progress


Workin’ It Wednesday – Borders On

Thank you for all the help last week with border fabric choices. The blue really was the best choice. The fabric, however, is a cotton voile, which is much lighter than quilting cotton. A very lightweight fusible interfacing came to my rescue.

IMG_1007 (Large)

The camera has become a critical tool in my quilting process. I took a picture and converted it to grayscale and ouch! One of my greens was too dark. I took it out and replaced it – not a highly recommended process. It is a real pain, but worth it in the end.

I chose to do the second border as a pieced border. The third border is the blue again. I was so happy to get it off to the long arm quilter I never got a pic, but the “solid” outside border framed it just right. I can’t wait to get this quilt back – I have an idea of something to add to it, but am keeping that under wraps ‘cuz it may or may not work!

1st border (Large)2nd border (Large)

Hope you all had a happy and safe Fourth – Enjoy the rest of summer!!