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Polka Dot Village

Polka Dot Village

I am so excited that my Polka Dot Village is done! About 3 years ago Ellen Guerrant did a workshop for our guild using her “Tartan Town” pattern. It is a fun and whimsical design. There were about 20 of us and we all brought our piles of small stash pieces – colorful and whimsical. We shared mightily – as though none of us had ever seen so many different fabrics! In true quilter fashion the project got put away when I got home. Finally, about 2 year’s later, it once again saw daylight. I had more fabric choosing to do – who knew I would spend so much time for little windows and doors?

Pink House

Orange House

Now it is done and is hanging above our stairs leading down to our family room and my sewing studio. (Not a good place to get pics, but I wasn’t about to have us get the extension ladder to get it down.) I love how cheerful it is. Each house block has a bird – even an owl on the one rooftop! This is also another one of my UFO finishes for our guild’s challenge.  Only 3 more to go!

Scrapbuster Sunday

Full FlannelYikes! I’m on a roll! Last week I finished three quilt tops and quilted one! I’ve done several flannel quilts and have kept the scraps (of course). I did another strip quilt using 1″ and 1 1/2″ quilt strips. This time I used a rectangular base instead of a square and used one of the bolder flannel strips to make a focus diamond. The backing fabric is a fun stripe. I quilted this one myself and feel quite certain it will be my last flannel strip quilt. 

Flannel folded


The scraps?  Oh yes, there is still a bag full. They have been passed on to a quilting buddy who may be just as crazy as I am and make a flannel string quilt too!

The Great Stitched Postcard Swap

The Great Stitched Postcard SwapAn international swap – how fun that would be! Participants were to  make an art post card. It could be paper, fabric or the medium of their choosing.  No surprise I chose fabric.  My base was  a heavy weight fusible 5 x 7.  I began by pulling various scraps working from a Kaffe Fasset print and then adding to it – I chose 7 for my background. I layered the first two, cut a wavy line, then pulled them apart.  The first piece was fused to the base. I then layered the next two fabrics, cut a wavy line, and placed the first of those two onto the base, fitting it to the first fused piece.  I did this with all 7 fabrics – it was a fun and colorful puzzle! I used an uneven zig zag down the center of each seam using various threads.

Curve piecing ATCStrips ATC

Applique Layer ATC

I then cut leaves, a flower and the same flower  in a small size. I fused the first layer of the flower, stitched around the edges and then layered the second flower on top of it.  All this was done with a fusible backing.  I placed the leaves and then fused those down also.  I did some free motion stitching on the top flower and leaves. Embellishment was done with a few beads in the center of the flower and highlights done with some glitter paint on the leaves and Lumiere on the flower.  I then fused a piece of off white to the back of the card, trimmed the card to a 4 x 6″ and zig zagged around the edges using a varietated thread.

This card is now off to Hong Kong to my swap partner. I can’t wait to see what I receive in return! I’m especially greatful for this swap because it gave me an evening of creative play!

Art Card Completed