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A Bigger Memory Quilt

At Christmas I gifted several memory creations to a family. There was a lot of shirting left that they did not want back. It is my son’s girlfriend’s family, and he asked if I would please take the leftovers and make a quilt. Did I say “no” to my son? Of course not! I got on it very soon after!

There were a lot of pockets that I wanted to use. There was also a nice variety of shirt fabrics. Without a full plan, I appliqued the pockets onto gray and dappled gray non-shirt fabrics. I then set them onto my design wall with spacing between them and got my “ah hah” moment. Stars!

There was a lot of cutting, sewing, and a couple of redos. Finally, an almost what I wanted on the design wall. Sashing was clearly needed so with hubby’s help, we calculated what was needed for a pieced sashing. Lots more sewing.

I don’t always use an outside border, but this quilt clearly needed one to “hold it together.” Of course, there wasn’t anything to be had in my stash. I knew I wanted to use the burgundy color, but couldn’t find a match. The mottled blend really worked.

All the larger leftover pieces went onto the backing. I really hated to discard any of them.

I really do love this quilt and can’t wait to present it.

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Cutting Out Another Quilt

This one may very well do me in! Several years ago, after seeing a friend’s finished quilt “Jolly Tartan Quilt”, I was in love. Having scoured the internet, I found one last kit available and scooped it up. I’m finally in a good place to commit to this project. There are thirty (30) different fabrics – oh my! I’ve gone about this very methodically. The kit was put together beautifully. Each fabric was labeled with a letter to correspond with the instructions.

First, I made an enlarged copy of the cutting instructions for each fabric and then cut each out separately. Each fabric with its corresponding cutting instructions went into these nifty plastic zip lock envelopes.

The cutting has begun! I’m working slowly and intentionally. Mistakes cannot be made as it won’t be easy to find more of these specific fabrics. After cutting each fabric, I’m putting the cuts back into the envelope with its instructions inserted into the outside.

The leftover of each fabric is going into a separate bag together with it’s selvedge.

Once it’s all cut, I will use the paper plate technique for the sewing steps. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I’ll be at that point.

And yesI began this project with a nice fresh blade in my cutter. Whew!

Hint of Spring

Prepping for Retreats

This April I’ll be heading to two quilt retreats. Not having any works in progress to take with me, I got busy prepping for the first retreat. Two charity quilts were prepped – baby quilts, 36 inches by 36 inches using 3″ finished squares. I even have the backings and bindings ready to travel. It would be a hoot to come home with two completely finished projects!

My next endeavor is for the quilt pattern “Snipits.” I raided my batik bins – oh so many, many batiks. I don’t usually prewash my quilt fabrics, but I do with batiks. It softens them and it’s amazing to see the color catchers at the end of the wash.

There were 1280 pieces to cut for this quilt, varying lengths, 1 1/2″ wide. Not as bad as it sounds – I pulled out my studio cutter and went to work cutting strips, then subcutting by hand.

I like using these clear zip envelopes. The pieces are kept separated and tidy and then all in a project box.

I’m really excited about these projects and am fighting the temptation to begin while still at home. April seems forever away! Next I’ll prep a long awaited kit for the second retreat. The cutting is a bit more complex for that one, so it will probably take me a couple of days.

I’m sure I’ll find plenty more to do to keep me busy in the studio after that. Also, we’re expecting some glorious weather so maybe I’ll get to some long awaited and much needed yard work!

Ready to Go!!

Passing it On

For the last year I have done a LOT of cleaning out in my studio. A box full of fabric went to a friend who sews charity quilts and a box full of fabric and miscellaneous sewing things went to the quilt guild that meets nearby. And still so much. Again I attacked a large bin and sent a substantial amount of partial projects and some fabrics to Goodwill. I was gathering more when a friend suggested I consider giving to the Navajo Quilt Project. I was thrilled to read about this project and knew that’s where some goodies were going. Sent were:

I stuffed a medium USPS Priority Flat Rate box and sent it off.

I’m hoping the bright variety of fabrics will be enjoyed. It’s so much better than them wasting away in my storage and most probably never to be used. Yes, there’s still LOTS more – another day!

How do you tackle you overflow of fabulous goodies?

My red Camelia in bloom – in the snow!

Non Sewing Fabric Project

Fifty years later, and three fabric changes. This rocking chair was handed down to me years ago and I’ve always loved it and found it fairly comfortable. I’d changed the cushion covering three other times. Not only did I want to change the fabric again, but I wanted to make it more comfortable as the springs could be felt.

Blue fabric was an old covering.

First, I with hubby’s help, completely took the cushion apart which was not an easy task as there were a lot of tacks and staples. Fortunately, he’s the tool man and had just the right ones to make the job a little easier.

After much consideration and deliberation, we decided to eliminate the spring base. Part of me hated to take away from the originality of the chair, but ease and practicality won. We had a piece of foam custom cut at a local foam dealer near us. We decided that the cushion needed to be an inch thinner so I marked it all the way around and used my electric knife to slice off an inch – just like cutting layers in a cake!

There was an original partial label on the bottom of the chair. There’s enough still visible that I was able to look up both the manufacturer and retailer. There was some history, and was so interesting. And yes, the label is back on the underside of the chair.

Together hubby and I put the new cover on – I pulled, he stapled. Although the cushion is not as round as it originally was, I like it – and most importantly, it’s comfortable! Bonus: I used a home dec fabric from my stash!

Love my “new” rocking chair!

A Donated Dozen

The first donation of this year of Hospice quilts have been picked up! The effort of hanging all these quilts together outside is so worth it.

There were twelve quilts in this batch. Some were donated quilt tops that I quilted and bound. A couple I did from start to finish. Two were quilted by Laurie and then I added the binding. Three were donated by Dolores – I posted about those here.

There are a few flimsies for Hospice in my closet waiting to be quilted. It will probably be a while before I get to those. In the meantime, I hope all the above give warmth and joy to their recipients!

A great ending to the first month of 2022!

First 2022 Finished Top

Start to finish in just a few weeks – must be a record! Our recent snow and ice is partly to credit – not much going outside. The bookcase quilt top is finally done. It was fun and tedious at the same time. There was cutting of lots of different fabrics, different sizes. To personalize the quilt, I included some appliques like a mug with the recipient’s first name initial, and a snow globe with an “engraved nameplate.” I also added a kitty and a vase with flowers. I love how the wood grain fabric brought it all together.

As luck would have it, the backing fabric was already in my stash. Wow – isn’t this just perfect!

A trip to the long arm will take place the end of the week. Hopefully there won’t be any more snow to keep me home! And the pile of fabric used for this quilt? All put away – amazing!

I hope you’re all staying warm and safe and enjoying whatever you’re doing to occupy your time!

Snow Day Sewing

The North Carolina Piedmont has snow! Unfortunately, it soon turned to sleet. And then snow again. So confusing! What it means for me and hubby is a day (plus more) of not venturing out of the house, and a crock pot full of chicken and goodness! For me, it also equals sewing!

Some time ago I pulled a bunch of fabrics in preparation of making a bookcase quilt. I have seen so many on the internet and have wanted to make one for a person who is a great lover of books.

For some of the books I inserted a piece of selvedge as a book title. For a few, I just used a plain piece of fabric. I really like the look of both! There are three shelves of books put together and trimmed – one to go which is in the process of piecing. I have some “wood” fabric that will be added as the shelves.

The goal on this snow day is to finish the top and then it’s off to the longarm quilter later this week. As for putting all that fabric away – Ugh!

I hope you are having a safe, warm and enjoyable day.

The Old, Now the New

About a week before Christmas, I decided I wanted a new Christmas table runner. I have a nice little stash of Christmas fabrics and cut a bunch of half square triangles. I kept both the pattern and the quilting simple and the next day it was on the table! A nice way to end the year of sewing.

As I have done the last few years, I saved my empty thread spools and here they are. I’m actually surprised that there were this many. I’ll be very surprised if there are more than a few this year, as most of my thread spools are mostly full.

With this new year I’ve made a few decisions. I’ve scrapped my Works in Progress spreadsheet. My WiPs have greatly diminished to six. They’re so easy to keep track of now. Plus for the New Year I’ve made a great decision! Many bloggers choose a word for the year. I don’t usually do that, although my goal the past two years was to complete as many projects as possible. This year I am choosing two words:

Relax & Enjoy!

No longer do I want to feel like I have to sew or complete projects. I want to enjoy the process and not be overwhelmed. Just a couple of days into the year and this already feels Oh So Good!

Wishing all of you a relaxing and enjoyable New Year filled with love, happiness and good health!

Memory Gifts

Two years ago, the father of someone dear to us passed away. He was a kind, respected and much Ioved man. I requested some of his shirts and was fortunate enough to receive a bag full! For his wife, I made a small lap quilt. It is done completely with shirts, no extra fabrics added which for me was a real bonus. The shirts were so pretty and when I saw the red, I knew exactly what to do – a heart!

For his son and one daughter, I made them each a memory pillow. The center of each has a pocket from the shirts. Again, it is all shirt fabric except for one grey strip on one pillow.

(without pillow form)

For his daughter who is the one dear to us, I had Kimberly of Square Cut Creations make the bear. She does an amazing job and the bear is fully stabilized – a small child could play with it and it would be fine.

One more thing – a heart shaped Christmas ornament for each! Dangling on the bottom are beads and stars and on the top is an angel wings bead. It should be a special time each year when they put it on their trees.

These memory gifts went to them Christmas Eve. It gave me such great joy to preserve a bit of memory for them of a fine man, husband and father.