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Snow and Sew!

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Friday it began snowing here and then turned to sleet. Snow in the South is a big deal. We don’t go anywhere, we worry about losing power due to ice, and the grocery stores get wiped out. Hubby and I enjoyed homemade soups and the warmth of the wood burning stove. It was all good news for me and my fellow quilters – we sat our sewing machines and watched the white stuff from our warm studios!

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I’m working a on Kim Diehl quilt the past few days. It is both pieced and appliqued. The center portion is on my design wall. All the applique pieces are prepped and one panel is being appliqued. The applique on this project is being done by hand – something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. It’s slow going, but am happy with the results.

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This is the pile of half square triangles I am piecing to make 88 hourglass blocks for the border. I enjoy the cutting, love the sewing, but am not looking forward to pressing all those seams open! Yes, it takes longer to press them open, but I like the results oh so much more – no ridges. This afternoon I’ll look for a good movie on Amazon Prime and work on the applique. I think most households in this region will be watching the Panthers play in the playoffs. We do not watch sports, but admittedly we are routing for the Panthers and will probably switch on the game from time to time. Go team!

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The Last Blocks

I was at a three night sew-in last week and there was no wi-fi. Time to catch up! L’s senior project is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  The borders are on, backing and label done. She is now off to a long arm quilter who is going to show her how it’s done. We will then have one more session to do the binding. Her project is already over 30 hours! Our goal is to have it all done before Thanksgiving as she has a special weekend trip she’d like to go to and enjoy.

Flying Geese 2 (Large)

Northern Star (Large)

Here are the last  blocks of the quilt that I did in my fabrics. My quilt will have a total of nine blocks and Louisa’s a total of twelve. This was not an easy beginner project.

I have all my blocks on the design wall and would like to do a non-traditional setting. Others might go to their computer to lay it out, or grab a pad of graph paper. I started to sketch it and lasted about three minutes. I will wait for a vision. What that really means is that it won’t get done for a while! I am leaving it all on the design wall until the inspiration hits.  The good news – I have two design walls!

Mentors quilt