Even as a young child, I both enjoyed and felt a need to be creative. As an adult, I take great pleasure in my creative passions. Quilting and working with fabric on other projects has consumed me for the last several years. I have also been designing quilts and writing patterns.  I am fortunate to have the total support of my husband.  He has done a lot of work in my studio. He even learned EQ6 and helps me put my designs from paper to computer!

I do not stay in any particular bounds – I do contemporary, traditional, modern and art quilts. I love bold colors. I usually let the fabric speak to me, then choose the pattern, although I do sometimes fall in love with a pattern first.

I have also been blessed with two very talented children.  My son is a photographer and wood carver and has a great appreciation for my quilts. My daughter is, in modern terminology, a sewist and has been more recently journeying into the quilting world. I am proud to say that her talents have surpassed mine! She also creates in the kitchen doing cake decorating and other yummy delights. Last year she started a jewelry line. Whew!!

It has been so much fun the last few years leading creative retreats here in North Carolina. Creative women from many states have joined in the fun. Please visit my retreat page – I’d love for you to join me!

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  2. I am in awe of your quilts and writing abilities! Who knew you were so damn talented! (Just kidding!) I remember going to see the Tall Ships with you and Bob on Lake Ontario! Can you guess who I am! 🙂 Oh, foo, they require you to enter my name – the jigs up!!!!

  3. Hi! I saw that you followed my blog and wanted to stop in and say thank you, and I’m glad you enjoyed one of my posts. I’ve been looking around your blog and it’s so interesting! My daughter has asked to take sewing lessons recently, so we are about to jump into a new hobby together. Maybe we can learn to make a quilt together. Yours are beautiful! Wish us luck! 🙂

  4. ,Carolyn Kaufman

    I love your site! I’m back quilting after a 4 yrs beading craze. I like the last Christmas Quilt and would like to buy the pattern. I suppose it’s on your site somewhere, but with my limited internet knowledge, I haven’t found it.
    Your newest fan!!

    • heartsdesireretreats

      Thank you Carolyn! Welcome back to quilting. the “Last Christmas Quilt” is one of my favorite, but I have not written a pattern for it yet. It was a happy accident. I’ll need to borrow it back from my daughter and work on that one. Thank you for the motivation!

  5. Quilts are beautiful. Very nice to read that Your son is wood carver. Woodcarvings are popular in Finland. Especially carved bears are our specialties,

  6. Oh, and , I follow you.

  7. Nancy Kramer

    Hi! My mother is looking to purchase a pattern from your company but she doesn’t know the name. It is a pillow with flowers in a basket. The background is black & white. If you could let me know the name and where I could purchase it for her, I would appreciate any help!

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