Fall Favorite

One of the challenges when I was an Island Batik ambassador in 2017 was “Creative Borders.” I chose to do a fall pumpkin themed table topper of my own design. It was one of those creations that just took shape as I went – no plan, no pattern. It has turned into one of my favorites and ever since has been on my dining room table in October until Thanksgiving!

Here are the center of the quilt and one of the appliqued corners:

Much time is now being spent with fall yard work. The leaf falling is in the early stages and by golly we’ll have mountains of them! The acorns are an absolute plague this year. One has to be very careful walking across our front yard. It’s like walking across a floor of marbles! After blowing and raking them into piles, we scooped them up with a snow shovel and there’s still a mess of them out there. I do try to focus on the beauty of fall, but it can be a bit tough.

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  1. That is such a lovely table topper and perfect for autumn. Sounds like your yard is full of lovely trees even if they are a lot of work. 😉


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