A Cool New “Aid”

There seem to be so many ways to do bindings. For years I would machine sew the binding onto the top of the quilt, then hand stitch on the bottom side. That is a lot of hand stitching! I now only do that for a quilt that is very special. Another way I tried was to sew the binding on the top, turn it to the back, and machine stitch on the front on the inner edge of the binding. I was not thrilled with the outcome.

Now, I sew the binding onto the back of the quilt, turn it to the front and machine stitch close to the edge of the binding on the front. I love the look! And now, I’ve added to that to make the process even better and easier. Binding tape. I happened upon it by accident on Amazon (where else?) and took a chance to order some. A winner!!

Here’s the process: Sew binding onto the back of the quilt. Turn the binding to the front, press.

Then apply the tape.

Remove the tape’s cover and set the binding over it. Press to secure.

Sew close to the edge. No pins, no clips. It’s neat, secure, and easy! It has also been an absolute timesaver for me!

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  1. I have used that tape for other things and love it. Sometimes you just need the extra help without pins or too close for fingers! But love this idea. Thanks for sharing

  2. great!! who knew!!??

  3. Would you supply a link to the tape that you use?


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