The Quilt. What do you get when you combine your orphan blocks? A quilt – Adoption! Some time ago I put my orphan blocks on the design wall and started to put them together. And then the mood changed and I put it all away. I resurrected this project and voila – a quilt!

I used pieced black and white borders and sashings to help bring it all together. The key for me to make this happen was to let go of being overly particular and just go ahead and sew. This quilt reminds me somewhat of the style of Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston, whose quilts I adore. This quilt is put together in a somewhat unthinkable manner, but I like it!

There are still a couple of orphan blocks leftover to be used at a much later time or maybe even tossed. It feels good to have this long awaited project together, although it’s now hanging in the “flimsy” closet keeping the other flimsies company, waiting to be quilted and bound.

I’ve seen many quilts made from orphan blocks and are often referred to as “Franken” something (as in Frankenstein) but I like the more positive aspect of Adoption – something of beauty, rather than monstrous, although I know those were done with humor in the name.

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  1. Lovely way to use up those blocks and a finish is a finish 😉

  2. Remaining orphans in the backing?

  3. Loved your calling them “AdoptioI have always been leery of putting orphan blocks together. After seeing your I am definitely doing it.


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