2 More Baby Quilts

Sometimes doing an easy little quilt feeds my soul. I sorted through my box of 3 1/2” squares, sorted out a pile blues and a pile of greens, and sewed away! I brought the blues to a retreat, sewed them together the first evening, backed it the next morning, quilted and did the binding. What a great way to begin a retreat!

The green squares were put together at home on a day none f my current projects were appealing to me. Again, sewn, quilted and bound. Bam! Done!

Both will be donated to the local Community Pregnancy Center.

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  1. Two really pretty baby quilts. I also. love making quilts from squares

  2. So cleaver! And nice finished!

  3. Tammy Miller

    Hello, Do you take donated fabric? I have a multitude of fabric all different colors and sizes.

    Thank you,


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