A Few More Ornaments

Spring is in hyper overdrive here in the Piedmont, yet here I am continuing to work on Christmas ornaments! I’ve done several more of the Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments and am still very much enjoying the process.

The Goose-A-Laying and her egg. The “nest” design was so clever and the egg was a fun simple one to make.

The pattern suggests several color choices for each ornament. I loved how dramatic the black for the swan is.

Maid-a-Milking. I “cheated” a bit and ordered the prepainted beads for the heads. They were so reasonable and I just knew I would frustrate myself to no end trying to paint them myself! The people ornaments are definitely more challenging than the birds and less intuitive. Fortunately, the directions are excellent and I read and reread them.

The Drummer! He was the most challenging to date, but still fun. I continue to be in awe of the designer’s attention to detail like the cuffs on the sleeves and although not seen in this picture, there is a pom pom on the top of the hat!

Just a few more to go! I have all the pieces traced and have also chosen all the felt. I’m also still committed to doing a second set. Looks like I’ll have the first set ready for this Christmas!

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  1. Love each and every one!!

  2. Joyce, the ornaments are charming. I hope you and Bob are well and happily busy. I enjoy seeing your posts.

  3. They are all so cute!

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