Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels

Everywhere! Last week I wasn’t much in the mood to sew. When I went into my sewing closet, I followed a squirrel and emptied most of the fabric and some other goodies out! Sorting and folding for several hours. I now have this basket of goodies to cut into scraps. Some day soon I’ll get out my studio cutter and reduce the pile to squares and strips.

The closet looks so good now. I could not bring myself to take a before pick. Such a coward!

Not all my fabric, just yardage and batting scraps.
Packaged batting and a few more scraps.

And as often the case with a project like this, there was a bonus. I found a large piece of the gray shiny ironing board cover fabric. My handy wall board cover was getting quite picked looking. I sewed a new cover and after adding another layer of thin batting, there is now a nice new shiny cover! I prefer this type of covering – it holds the heat well and can be washed off if there’s starch residue. And, I love this little board. It has a tile at the end for placing the hot iron (hubby’s idea as he made this for me) and it folds down on the wall when done.

Then, on Friday (which just happened to be my birthday – yes, happy April Fool) we went to the city of Greensboro, an hour and a half from here. Visited a sewing machine store I’d done business with in the past and I purchased a Pfaff Passport 3.0. I have the 2.0 and use it as my retreat machine. A backup machine is always a good idea, but a couple of years ago I sold my Featherweight and have been without one. I have borrowed my sons little Janome, but that gets to be a pain for both of us. The 3.0 is almost identical to the 2.0 with just a couple of new features. Now the two will go with me when I travel.

All in all, the squirrels were all welcome. Maybe now I’ll get some sewing done! Thank you daughter for the lovely flowers.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday.

  2. I have new phone carrier and a couple of days after changing I lost about half my contact info and my Facebook account has been deactivated. So sorry your birthday wish was late.

  3. Hi Joyce!
    Here’s a belated Happy Birthday to you! How did the squirrel get into your closet???? And speaking of your closet, you have REALLY downsized in the fabric department. It looks GREAT! It’s so neat and tidy and you can see everything you might need now. Wonderful job!
    Exciting news about your new machine. It’s so fun to get a new toy! Love the ironing board, too. I need to recover mine before the retreat and maybe make another one, too.

    Glad you had a great birthday and it always feels so good to get organized!


  4. Linda Corazzo

    Thanks for sharing your squirrels! Maybe I’ll chase mine around after Easter! I thought I did that 6 months ago but now it looks like a storm or maybe even a tornado started 10 projects as once. And very Happy Birthday Wishes all year long! Linda C Sent from my iPad



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