A Bigger Memory Quilt

At Christmas I gifted several memory creations to a family. There was a lot of shirting left that they did not want back. It is my son’s girlfriend’s family, and he asked if I would please take the leftovers and make a quilt. Did I say “no” to my son? Of course not! I got on it very soon after!

There were a lot of pockets that I wanted to use. There was also a nice variety of shirt fabrics. Without a full plan, I appliqued the pockets onto gray and dappled gray non-shirt fabrics. I then set them onto my design wall with spacing between them and got my “ah hah” moment. Stars!

There was a lot of cutting, sewing, and a couple of redos. Finally, an almost what I wanted on the design wall. Sashing was clearly needed so with hubby’s help, we calculated what was needed for a pieced sashing. Lots more sewing.

I don’t always use an outside border, but this quilt clearly needed one to “hold it together.” Of course, there wasn’t anything to be had in my stash. I knew I wanted to use the burgundy color, but couldn’t find a match. The mottled blend really worked.

All the larger leftover pieces went onto the backing. I really hated to discard any of them.

I really do love this quilt and can’t wait to present it.

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  1. Special quilt Joyce You are a “quilting machine!”

  2. You are so very good at thinking out of the box!

  3. Such a beautiful quilt that will be treasured for always! You’ve inspired me to use up some of those bigger scraps of shirts. I’ve made several memory pillows, but always have large pieces left. I’ve made lots of heart-shaped stuffed ornaments for grandchildren to remember their grandpa at Christmas with those smaller pieces. I especially love the pocket idea!

  4. What a clever idea to appliqué the shirt pockets to make alternate blocks. As a result you have created a super quilt! Whoever is the intended recipient will be delighted to receive this. Always a good idea to use leftovers immediately.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Glad you found a use for the rest of Bob’s shirts.

  6. Linda Corazzo

    Well Done!!

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Another awesome memory quilt. LOVE both the front and the back!


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