Passing it On

For the last year I have done a LOT of cleaning out in my studio. A box full of fabric went to a friend who sews charity quilts and a box full of fabric and miscellaneous sewing things went to the quilt guild that meets nearby. And still so much. Again I attacked a large bin and sent a substantial amount of partial projects and some fabrics to Goodwill. I was gathering more when a friend suggested I consider giving to the Navajo Quilt Project. I was thrilled to read about this project and knew that’s where some goodies were going. Sent were:

I stuffed a medium USPS Priority Flat Rate box and sent it off.

I’m hoping the bright variety of fabrics will be enjoyed. It’s so much better than them wasting away in my storage and most probably never to be used. Yes, there’s still LOTS more – another day!

How do you tackle you overflow of fabulous goodies?

My red Camelia in bloom – in the snow!

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  1. I think it is a great idea to cull your stash so that you have room for your favorites and can access them easily. I have been decluttering my whole house but I haven’t gotten to the sewing room yet. I think that will be the hardest for me. Good for you for lightening the load so much. I will keep the Navajo project in mind when I am ready.

  2. Very generous. It’s always good to give and makes your heart sing. But it’s always hard to part with my sewing room stuff for some reason. I can declutter my whole house but the things in my sewing room are really hard to part with. I did send a box of fabric to the Navajo Quilt Project. I think I will keep a box on hand ready to fill and send. Love the Camelia in the snow!

  3. I’m so glad I saw this post! I’ve been cleaning out too as I’m moving in a few months to a smaller place. I’ll start a pile for them now!

  4. Wonderful idea….I have bookmarked this…I am sure there is fabric that can go to them…a box a quarter sounds like a perfect donation.


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