The Old, Now the New

About a week before Christmas, I decided I wanted a new Christmas table runner. I have a nice little stash of Christmas fabrics and cut a bunch of half square triangles. I kept both the pattern and the quilting simple and the next day it was on the table! A nice way to end the year of sewing.

As I have done the last few years, I saved my empty thread spools and here they are. I’m actually surprised that there were this many. I’ll be very surprised if there are more than a few this year, as most of my thread spools are mostly full.

With this new year I’ve made a few decisions. I’ve scrapped my Works in Progress spreadsheet. My WiPs have greatly diminished to six. They’re so easy to keep track of now. Plus for the New Year I’ve made a great decision! Many bloggers choose a word for the year. I don’t usually do that, although my goal the past two years was to complete as many projects as possible. This year I am choosing two words:

Relax & Enjoy!

No longer do I want to feel like I have to sew or complete projects. I want to enjoy the process and not be overwhelmed. Just a couple of days into the year and this already feels Oh So Good!

Wishing all of you a relaxing and enjoyable New Year filled with love, happiness and good health!

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  1. Those are excellent choices for your word(s) for the year. I have been choosing a word since 2000. This year my word is focus. I have been struggling with staying focused (and not just with the squirrels that appear regularly) with almost everything, and I want to enjoy whatever I’m doing – that requires paying attention to what “that” is -chores or fun.

    Happy New Year, kay

  2. Great words for the year. So many of us are stepping back a bit from commitments and stressing ourselves out. Lovely runner to finish out the year 😉


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