Memory Gifts

Two years ago, the father of someone dear to us passed away. He was a kind, respected and much Ioved man. I requested some of his shirts and was fortunate enough to receive a bag full! For his wife, I made a small lap quilt. It is done completely with shirts, no extra fabrics added which for me was a real bonus. The shirts were so pretty and when I saw the red, I knew exactly what to do – a heart!

For his son and one daughter, I made them each a memory pillow. The center of each has a pocket from the shirts. Again, it is all shirt fabric except for one grey strip on one pillow.

(without pillow form)

For his daughter who is the one dear to us, I had Kimberly of Square Cut Creations make the bear. She does an amazing job and the bear is fully stabilized – a small child could play with it and it would be fine.

One more thing – a heart shaped Christmas ornament for each! Dangling on the bottom are beads and stars and on the top is an angel wings bead. It should be a special time each year when they put it on their trees.

These memory gifts went to them Christmas Eve. It gave me such great joy to preserve a bit of memory for them of a fine man, husband and father.

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  1. Absolutely lovely!

  2. Jean L Newmanhut

    What thoughtful, caring gifts filled with memories of this man!

  3. Such heartfelt gifts that are sure to comfort this family and allow them to remember a good man with love.

  4. How lovely and thoughtful, just lovely memories of a much loved husband and dad.

  5. What wonderful and thoughtful gifts – to comfort and remember one well loved.

  6. Patricia M Gabriel

    Your care and concern will brighten their lives, one day at a time for years.

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