This One’s for ME!

It’s been a while and am glad to be back. I was out of town for several weeks and blogging was just not on the list.

Blue batiks, green batiks and a few white thrown in and what do you get? A string quilt! The blocks were positioned to make diamond shapes. This was a LOT of sewing but so worth it! I have found that fleece is a wonderfully warm backing for quilts, and batting is not necessary. So, I went with a dark blue backing and straight line stitching.

I’m really happy with this design and decided I’m keeping this one for me. Kitty and I will probably have to fight for it this winter, although I will give her a corner to snuggle in. The quilt is on the back of my living room sofa and I got one of the best compliments ever. Sitting across from it, out of the blue, hubby said “I love that quilt.” How awesome is that!

A name? Well, the diamonds are big so I was reminded of the very old method of cutting diamonds – mine cut diamonds. So, this beauty is “Mine Diamond.” So good to finally have another finish!

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  1. I’m going to start making a quilt for our grandson after Christmas. I may just borrow (OK, steal) your quilt block pattern. So many possibilities. Did you sew the strips onto a fabric base?

  2. Not surprised your husband loves the new quilt. It is beautiful. Great colours, love the placement of white I the blocks and how you have arranged them into a striking design. Very cuddly addition to your living room. Hope Kitty enjoys it too.

  3. Patricia Gabriel

    String quilts are one of my favorites. I have a king-sized one in all blue and green strings, and many others, patriotic, bed and children’s. All trimmed strings from past projects.


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