Paint Chip Challenge

This was a 2020 challenge with my quilt guild that I realized I never posted! Participants blindly picked three paint chips from a bag. No putting back – no cheating! Here were mine:

No, I wasn’t thrilled about the colors, but that’s what makes it a challenge, right? Considering the amount of time I wanted to invest in this project, I decided to do something small. I went through all my fabrics – including every last scrap! The green was not where to be found, not even at the fabric store. “Aha” moment – paint!

I did a leaf pattern for the quilting. This is the back of the piece. Instead of a regular binding, I faced the little quilt.

Here it is! I was happy with the results and so glad to have finished a challenging challenge!

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  1. You made those colors play well togetherM


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