Off to Give Comfort

One of my favorite things to do with quilts – take a pic of them hanging on the line together before they get sent off! There are eight quilts this time round, all going to Hospice. All are lap quilts, varying sizes and one is a wheelchair quilt. There are five Hospice flimsies with backings hanging in the closet. Not sure when I’ll get them quilted – just waiting for inspiration to hit!

The list of Works in Progress is still doable for me. I no longer want 20 projects in the wings that are half sewn. There was a time I actually loved that, but my focus has changed. I’ve also been keeping my quilting expenditures down. Let’s see what I can do between now and my next update posting!

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  1. I’ve changed my motto from “she who dies with the most fabric” – to “She who dies having FINISHED the most quilts (even if they are pot holder size) is the winner! Doesn’t mean that I don’t have 3 tops in the wings, but I’m trying to be like you! Make ’em up, move them out!

  2. Great job on paring down the UFOs. Such pretty quilts hanging all in a row. My motto is the same as yours. Get em done and get them out 😉

  3. All beautiful! I’ll have more coming your way.

  4. Great finishes!!! Way to go!!! Such inspiration!!! Thank You Joyce!!! Linda C

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  5. I have been trying to pare down my WIPS/UFOs too, but the problem is there are so many new ideas that keep coming. Those quilts look great hanging on the line, and I am sure they will be appreciated by the recipients.

  6. Love, love, LOVE this idea, Joyce. It’s like the quilts gather together for one last send-off party before they go forth and spread comfort and hugs and oodles of love. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Love all the quilts


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