The One About Labels

Quilters seem to be continually reminded to label their quilts. For good reason, even it’s just your name and a date. Think about all the other pieces of art work that are out there – most are dated and signed. I had custom labels made years ago. The fabric they’re printed on is thinner that I would have liked, but I can easily back them, fuse them to the quilt backing, and machine stitch around the outside. I scanned my signature so it is printed on each of the labels.

(Just could not get a pic without the shadows – sorry!)

When I forget to put the label on the backing before machine quilting, I can fuse the label onto the back and then hand stitch around the edges. So…are all my quilts labeled? [Moment for extreme laughter!] No. If a quilt is given as a gift, it always has a label. Other quilts randomly receive a label.

I’ve been going through my quilt cupboard recently so I can choose a couple of quilts to gift. Hmmm. Most without labels. Shame on me. You probably guessed it – my latest project is to catch up on labels.

I also had these hang tags printed that I attach when I’m sewing on the binding. There’s only my website there and I’ve begun to put the date on the back. These are being used for quilts that I put together and donate.

I’m guessing I have about 20 quilts to label. Not a fun project, but one I would like to complete. Do you label your quilts? All or only those you gift?

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  1. Only those I gift.

  2. Hi Joyce! What a timely post. I have been reminding myself all day – literally – that I want to sit down and order/make/find some labels for our quilts. We have never labeled a single quilt. Ever. Not that I don’t want to but rather I’ve been lazy. Lazy, lazy, lazy. I could easily print some on fabric if I designed some or even use the EQ8 ones. Maybe August – or really September since it’s almost here – 2021 will be the month and year I actually get this task accomplished. Good luck with labeling yours! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. So funny – we put hours of work into our quilts – but even though I bought a panel of tags, no work involved there, off they go without so much as a scribble. The ones we make for the Children’s Hospital get labels from our group, machine embroidered. So from now on I pinky promise to at LEAST put the year. Thanks

  4. Your labels are perfect Joyce. I’m able to say I label most of my quilts. Definitely the ones I gift and most of the ones that go to fundraisers to be raffled. I often forget on charity quilts (like the 4 I dropped off this morning to go to Wildfire Victims).

  5. I label all of them now. Many years ago I did not, but I was pleasantly surprised to find labels on a few quilts I made years ago, while I was looking for things for a sale at my local hospital. I now always add a sleeve and label before adding the binding. Then I only have to stitch down the bottom of the sleeve and 2 sides of the label…and it’s done!


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