Melee – the Quilt

Many moons ago I stitched strips from a roll together, then cut them into triangles. For a reason not known to me now, I put them away in a bin.

Time to sew these together, but I needed a plan – or did I? I decided on a free-for-all, thus the name “Melee.” It’s not entirely unplanned. I did make a “spider web” as the center.

After that, it was anything goes! The outside borders were also planned. They hold everything else in.

There wasn’t much left over and I knew none of it was going back into a bin, not even a scrap bin. I sewed a row and used it for the backing.

I did have fun with this one. All this color was a joy and creating as I go can be so freeing sometimes. I just need to choose the batting and it’s off to the long arm quilter. Looking forward to this finish!

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  1. Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    I love it! Playing and not planning and no scraps with something that was “freed from a bin”!

  2. Joan Sheppard

    Fan-tab-YOU-lous! I can hear the party going on all the way over here! How much fun to just let it go. Those turn out to be my favs!

  3. Jean L Newman

    Love it! Truly one of a kind.

  4. How fun to use triangles this way! And no waste or scraps left at all, well done!

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