A Very Colorful Table Runner

Finally, all the blocks with little pieces were finished. I cut each in half diagonally, switched them around, sewed together to form a rectangle, then arranged all the blocks and sewed together. It makes for a cute table runner!

So many borders were auditioned. I had enough fabric of Kaffe’s Aboriginal Dots in six colors and just couldn’t decide. I called in my color cohort – Hubby. We decided on the purple – it seems to hold all the little pieces of color together.

My mother-in-law’s hand crocheted doilies and my little vases with fresh flowers were perfect for the dining table. This is now my favorite summer table runner.

Help! I need a name for this project for my label!

I haven’t been sewing too much lately, but when I finished this project, I was ready to get another done. I chose a Hospice flimsy that had been donated. Unfortunately, only a few minutes into quilting, disaster struck! The needle broke and it sounded bad. Hubby checked it out and Oh Yeah – bad! Off to the Bernina expert next week. Thank goodness for back-up machines!

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  1. Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    Yuk on the broken needle! I broken one today, but fortunately no bad sounds! I love your runner and the lines created by the cutting and resewing make it so interesting.

  2. Looks like the tiled art work all over Barcelona – Antoni Gaudi! Very chic/artistic! Love the border – husbands have the best eye for that. Beautiful

  3. Oh, no!! I’m sorry the machine has to go in for repair. Especially when you were really feeling like sewing. I love this very colorful table runner! Great use for all of those fabrics and the border you selected looks fab. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Very pretty table runner. Sorry about your machine.


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