Happy Happy Mail

A while back I received a box absolutely packed full with quilt tops from Trish in Connecticut. There is so much work in these along with all the fabric and threads used. One of the larger quilt tops I passed on to a friend who is heading up an effort to donate ten quilt tops to the local Hospice House being built a couple of miles down the road from me. These quilts will stay at the Hospice House. The quilts I have been passing on to Hospice go directly to the patients. Both are great causes.

Feast your eyes on these – just amazing! (Please pardon – they are not pressed. That will be done prior to quilting)

The last two will need a border added to make them just a bit bigger which is an easy task. They will all be backed with fleece and quilted. When? Good question! It’s no secret that my quilting skills are not the best, but eventually it will all get done. Thank you Trish – from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. What beautiful quilts! I especially like the string star:). I am sure the quilting will really make them perfect. You are so kind to organize these for hospice❤️.

  2. What a wonderful blessing to Hospice and their clients!

  3. Amazing talent and generosity!

  4. What a won derful and generous donation.

  5. So many beautiful quilts! I like the quilt in the next to last photo the best.Looks like jewels.

  6. God Bless! Warms my heart. Linda C

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