Some Colorful Joy

Recently I learned of an acquaintance that has an unpleasant health condition. I also learned that a friend would be visiting with her and I wanted to send along a quilt of comfort. I went to my closet of flimsies and found a bright, cheerful and colorful top that would be perfect. I also had the best bright green fleece for the backing.

Several years ago I cut this bright colorful collection on my die cutting machine using a large triangle die. It was quick piecing and the best way to showcase these large prints. Having not looked at this quilt top for a while, I found myself really appreciating the setting and know that I’ll be doing this with other large prints.

Some quick quilting and a bright binding – voila! Done and ready to go. How wonderful to know that this quilt is bringing warmth and joy to someone rather than hanging in a closet!

Great joy also this past week here in North Carolina – blooms! The daffodils are especially beautiful this year and I love that so many bloom among the hellebores. In the fall I pruned my Camelia and it sure paid off! The red blooms are so striking. Hubby’s Japanese Magnolia is also full. Unfortunately, the magnolia has pale pink flowers and does not photograph well. It’s always a bit sad when these blooms begin to fade, but I know there are others to follow.

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  1. Wonderful pictures and signs of spring! Here in Chicago the crocus are blooming but everything else is just poking their little heads from beneath the covers waiting until AFTER next week’s snow. The quilt is so SPRINGY! Absolutely wonderful!

  2. What beautiful photos to remind us here in the North that spring IS coming. How thoughtful of you finish such a pretty quilt to send a quilty hug to your friend! Beautiful finish 😉

    • Years ago I lived in upstate/western New York State. After 35 years in NC, I have never taken for granted the beautiful Spring.

      • Here in British Columbia we have piles of unmelted snow still but there are little green buds on the trees. I miss our magnolia we had in the yard on the acreage but still enjoy my beautiful view of the mountains and golf course 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely Spring blossoms with us! We are just starting to get some green here in SE Wisconsin. The quilt is lovely and happy looking – I know your friend will feel all the love you stitched into this piece. I adore the vibrancy which will surely uplift her spirits. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. How lovely to have such a pretty flimsy on hand to turn into a beautiful gift. You’re right – the triangles are a great way to show off those lovely floral fabrics. Your garden is looking lovely too. Spring flowers and blossoms are the best!

  5. What a cheerful quilt!!! Wonderful gift of a quilted hug! And yes, love seeing your daffodils and camelias!!!

  6. Juliana Ellington

    Beautiful quilt and beautiful flowers! Your friend is going to get so much comfort and joy from this quilt. Perfect way to send your love and concern. Your camellia is amazing!


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