Some “Joyful”

“No new Works in Progress this year until a few more of existing ones are complete” is what I told myself over and over again at the end of 2020. Well, inspiration hit and a quilter’s gotta do what a quilter’s gotta do! It all happened because while rummaging through a bin, I came upon some long forgotten Robert Kaufman Christmas fabrics. They are so pretty! “Joyful” was born.

Never having done a sixteen patch, but having admired them for such a long time, I decided to do one with this batch of fabric. It’s a fast and easy block which was my Psyche needed at this time (you guessed it, Pandemic Syndrome or maybe more likely just Quilter’s Squirrel Disorder!!)

Having gotten bored with the sixteen patches, and wanting four more blocks, I did stars! It was a quick finish and a lot of fun. However, the border is now a bit troubling. I put the narrow green border on thinking I was going to put a wider border on the outside using one of the prints in the collection. None of them worked. They looked absolutely terrible! I now would prefer to use the green with gold dots as a slightly wider border alone and also as the binding. Can’t – not enough fabric. A pieced border? That could work, but I just don’s want to! I’ve scoured my fabric closet and came up with nothing. I’ve also looked on line and, your guessed it – nothing. This top will now hang in the closet of flimsies until next fall when I’m sure there will be something in a fabric Christmas release that will work. Should be fun to pull this out after many months and give it its needed finish!

Wishing all of you a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Gotta love a Christmas quilt!

  2. It’s good to have a Christmas quilt on standby, ready to finish when the right fabric comes along! Very pretty fabrics, and great design.

  3. Hoping you find a fabric to finish this off the next time you take it out of the closet. It would be a lovely entry for the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge going on all year on my blog!

  4. I love this. I never think of doing 16 patches but they are easy aren’t they. I think a lot of stores have Christmas fabric that came in late so someday, you will find the right border!

  5. Lovely Christmas quilt. It’s fun to have one “almost done” until more new fabrics hit the shelves. You’ll find the perfect finishing fabric when it’s meant to be. 16 patches are fun easy sewing. 😉

  6. Lovely use of all those Christmas fabrics. Thanks for sharing with oh Scrap!

  7. Very lovely quilt. Christmas fabric hits the quilt shops in May, so you might not have to wait that long!

  8. Sometimes working on a new quilt gives me good incentive to get back to the UFOs.

  9. QSD! I love it! Quilter’s Squirrel Disorder… I’m going to spread the word on a new term for quilters. Love the Christmas quilt. You might want to look at beige/white fabric maybe with some gold in it. And then bind with the dark green if you have enough of it.


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