Wheel Chair Quilts

When I first saw wheel chair quilts on Pinterest, I got very excited. What a great idea and how well it fits into the Hospice quilts effort! This is the basic pattern I’m going by:

With a huge pile of half square triangles I had sewn as leader/enders, I began arranging on the design wall. Once I was satisfied, they were sewn together and the bottom corners cut (a safety feature to avoid wheel chair wheels). The quilt was then quilted. I love the idea of having a pocket as was shown on pics of other wheel chair quilts I had viewed.

Note that the pattern is “off” – just squares, not half square triangles in the center. That’s where the pocket will go. Not wanting to cover the quilt pattern, I did an overlay of the pattern with the pocket and matched it as best I could when sewing it on top of the quilt. The quilt backing is fleece as is the lining of the pocket. Not only does the pocket serve as a hand warmer, personal items such as tissues or a cell phone can be kept in it.

A second one done!

I then contacted the Hospice coordinator who will be receiving the donation quilts on Hospice’s behalf and she was so excited about the concept of the wheel chair quilts. I will definitely be doing a few more this year!

On another note: When I’ve emptied a spool of thread, I saved it. It’s a kick to see the accumulation of empty spools at the end of a year. Here are last years – not as many as in previous years, but I’m now working on fuller spools. The tall spool is from the bobbin thread I use which is finer than the threads I sew with. Really? That much thread gone?!

Look what we woke up to this morning! No, not much, and it’s raining so it’s going away quickly. Still, we so rarely get snow, that it’s fun to see! Hope you’re all staying warm, comfortable and safe!

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  1. What a wonderful quilt for wheelchair folks. I may have to set aside the large quilt I’m working on and try one of these. It’s been awhile since I made a quilt for that use. I love the fleece pocket too!

  2. These wheelchair quilts are a great idea and very practical too with the pocket. I save all my empty spools and accumulate them from year to year. I have a good sized bag of them now. My grandson likes to play with them. Happy stitching!

  3. What a great idea! I will have to tell our guild about that pattern. Lovely pattern with the HSTs.

  4. Great idea for our guild as well. Have you posted this on our guild Facebook page?

  5. The quilt is such a neat idea! I know it will be loved.

  6. Hi Joyce! What a fabulous idea, both the wheelchair quilt as well as the pocket. I imagine they are very well received. I’ll have to reach out to someone locally to see if they might like some as well. Thank you so much for the idea! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Glad you got some snow. We woke up with 3 inches here in the Yancey County woods.

  8. Great idea and a wonderful use for all those strips I keep cutting.

  9. What a good ide top lop off the corners to avoid them getting caught in the wheelchair’s wheels!

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  13. Thank you so much for this lap blanket. I also make lap blankets and adult bibs that are donated to hospice.

  14. Absolutely love this pattern. I made my father a wheel chair lap quilt. I plan on making many more and donating to disabled veterans. Are there any other alterations that can be made with HST’s I am still new to quilting.

  15. What size is the pocket and how far down from top do you put it? Thank you

  16. Gonna try this.

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