All in a Row

This brings me such joy! All are quilts on their way to Hospice. There are nine pictured above. Some were donations by quilting friends, some were made from blocks sewn at retreat, and some were put together by me at home. There is such a feeling of accomplishment when a Hospice quilt is complete.

The two quilts on the right above were quilt tops sent to me by readers. A friend quilted the center quilt. I quilted the quilt on the right and the one on the left I made from start to finish. There is just so much color and joy in each quilt – truly gifts from the heart!

I continue to take donations of completed quilts and quilt tops. Lap size or even a bit smaller suitable to be used by someone in a wheelchair are preferred. At this time, however, I am not accepting any fabric – my bins overfloweth!

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  1. Thank you, Joyce, for all of your time and talent given to making these quilts. You are a very special lady and friend with a real heart for filling this need with quilts that mean so much to the Hospice clients and their families.

  2. Yay! I see three of mine, I hope they bring much comfort!

  3. What a wonderful gift to both the giver and receiver. And the quilts are wonderful! So colorful and full of interesting designs. Congratulations on finishing and being able to give.


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