A New Design Wall

Not all quilters work with a design wall, but I’d be lost without mine! For years I’ve had a double white design wall with a grid backing. The grid showed through to the front for the purpose of lining up blocks. It was getting a bit ratty looking and difficult to clear of threads.

I have now replaced it with a 72″ x 72″ heavy weight grey felt. I love it! It cleans off easily and fabrics just pop on it! And, I don’t miss the grid at all. Yes, it’s a bit smaller than the former, but more than sufficient for my needs. Another plus is that I bought it on sale at a fabric store and it was SO economical. I have yardage of a printed flannel made for a design wall, but I would have needed two lengths as it is only 44″ wide and I just didn’t want the seam. Also, the heavier weight of this new wall just seemed so much better to me.

Leader-Ender blocks are now “stored” on the design wall. Not in any particular order, to be played with once more are ready.

This new addition also helps to make my studio a bit neater looking. A definite win for me!

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  1. A fabulous wall! Kaffe likes grey for his walls and that flannel seems perfect.

  2. Love your design wall. I could not do without one

  3. The gray flannel is great for this design wall. I hope to room for one in the future.

  4. Wow! That is marvelous!

  5. Great idea, Joyce. My design wall has the grid lines that I never use and it’s a beast to get the extra threads off of it. The gray felt sounds like just the perfect weight and color. I may just look into replacing mine! Thanks for the suggestion. ~smile~ Roseanne


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