Works in Progress & Quilted Finish!

I keep a log of my Works in Progress and completed projects and share it here monthly. Somehow I got away from that this year but became curious as to just where I’m at with everything. I know my project boxes have lessened and as I began my update I could see why! I’ve been busier than I realized! It’s probably because of all the time being spent at home that I wasn’t fully aware of just how much I was actually accomplishing. That and gardening have kept me going.

Note my definitions: Work in Progress – a project that has been started no matter how far along it is. Project – fabric and pattern in a project box with nothing done to it – no cutting, no sewing.

Here it is: projects still in the works and projects completed. Wow! A couple more and I’ll give myself permission to begin a new Work in Progress – I just may have a few of those!

Yeah! Another flimsy out of the closet! Some time ago I put together this fun Hawaiin String quilt and it was time at last to quilt it. I only do simple quilting and thankfully a string quilt lends itself to that quite well.

It’s backed with a navy fleece – warm, soft & comfy. This is also a Hospice quilt so it’s a double win!

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  1. WOW – you’ve had a great year so far. With two months to go you can set a new personal record. ~smile~ Roseanne


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