The fabric wasn’t bright and bold as is my usual choice, but somehow it spoke to me. It seemed somewhat Victorian andI chose to do a small wall hanging. I pieced four patches and then cut them wonky which I found to be a fun technique. I did the same with the borders, just much smaller.

The background is straight line quilted. Circles of a focused portion of the fabrics was then hand appliqued onto the center of each wonky block.

It all blended in a bit too much so I embroidered around each circle using no. 8 pearl cotton.

Unfortunately, I do not have a pic of the bound and finished wall hanging which was bound in a dark Navy blue – it is now hanging at the Meadowbrook Inn in Blowing Rock, NC.

Sometime in the future I would very much like to use this wonky four patch technique in a larger, bolder and brighter quilt. Overall, I am pleased with this little quilt – another finish!

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