A Happy Flower


There’s been a lot of sunshine here but with that has been intense heat and humidity. Many hours of sewing and quilting was becoming somewhat unjoyful for me so I went down a different path.  I had ordered some large art paper and the first happy thought I had was a sunflower and I drew a very simple drawing

sunflower drawing


The center of the flower is strip pieced, cut and sewn again to give the illusion of a woven center.  Beading in the center gave it more dimension and made it look more like a seed center.


The leaf is three dimensional.


Lots of fun was had when choosing bright yellow batiks for the flower.  I sewed narrow strip piecing of yellow batiks, then cut for the petals.  Hubby helped me choose the unconventional green striped batik background. It surely makes the flower pop!


Ahhh.  Joyful in the studio once again!

Oh Scrap!   Monday Making

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  1. Super creative!

  2. Its such a happy and fun project…so glad you are joyful in the studio again!

  3. This is fabulous! I especially love how your flower extends beyond the borders of the piece, like a joy that cannot be contained. The “woven” detail and beading in the center of the flower are wonderful, too, drawing your eye into the piece. Great job!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this sunflower! I took a trip with my daughter and grands to the sunflower field a month or so ago and loved standing in the tall sunflowers. Yours is delightful. Thanks for sharing your creative process! The beading really adds detail. I’m working on a small wall hanging and will be using brown crystals instead of beads, but love the bead idea also!!

  5. Joyce, I love your sunflower! It makes me happy just to see it. It was good to visit with you yesterday!


  6. Oh, what a beauty she is! You used the perfect combination of fabrics and the joy you had while sewing is illuminated in every petal! Great work!

  7. Oh, that is gorgeous! I love how both the flower and the leaf hang off the background. You added so many fun embellishments, too. Lovely finish!

  8. Your sunflowers is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the process of how you made it. I thought the background was sewn, too! It is just wonderful, bright and happy! (Sunflowers were my wedding flower!)

  9. What a beautiful art quilt!!

  10. This is lovely! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  11. I love how it goes beyond the edge. Very cool quilt!


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