My quilting journey began somewhere around 2006 to 2007.  I purchased a magazine, “Quilt It, Two Block Quilts” and immediately loved two of the quilts.  The first is in the back of my quilting closet, partially quilted.  Each time I take it out thinking I’ll finish it, I’m reminded that I don’t care for it very much.  I also remind myself that a fair amount of work went into it, especially as a beginner, and that I should finish it so I can donate it.


The second pattern was for “Baby Love.”  In 2018 I finally got around to pulling various fun fabrics and copying the paper piecing patterns.  In December of that year I worked on some of the blocks while retreating with a few quilty friends. Can you guess?  The project box just sat on the shelf until earlier this year.  Somehow I was motivated to get it together.  I did, however, simplify and modify the pattern some. I didn’t use all the NY Beauty blocks. They’re in the orphan quilt box waiting for lightening to hit me with a brilliant plan!


Funny how after sitting for so long, I was super motivated and quickly got the top put together. Some weeks ago I pulled the top from my hangar of “flimsies,” found a batting and used a gray fleece for the backing.


Oh how I love having another finish.  And where is this quilt headed?  To play with the other baby quilts I have waiting for some unknown future arrival.  Now I call that being prepared!”


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  1. I love it! You’re definitely prepared for the babies!

  2. Beautiful! I tried to subscribe to “Quilt It” magazine right after they’d gone out of print a few years ago. I still have a couple of copies. Loved a lot of their patterns.

  3. Love it!

  4. I love having a ready stash of baby quilts. I don’t have a lot right now, but a few are in the queue!

  5. What a fun baby quilt that will be (when the right baby for the quilt comes along!!)

  6. This quilt is fabulous! I confess, I’m looking at it with great envy right now, as I scramble to finish the quilt top (not even started with the quilting!) for a baby who was born in Dec 2018, knowing that I also have to whip up another baby quilt for her little brother whose due date is next month! I can only fantasize about being so well prepared, with finished baby quilts waiting for babies to be born rather than finished babies (toddlers!) waiting with no quilts on hand to gift!

  7. What a fun and beautiful quilt! I love all the detail and how bold and playful! Now, if that baby would just come along…where’s a stork when you need one!


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