A Surprise Visitor

Being at home so much has renewed my passion for gardening. The cooler spring temperatures and abundant rain certainly helped! Everything in the garden has just burst forth.

The ferns are amazing and there are two large patches, one in the back garden and one out front. The daylillies have set so many blooms. Last year they were such a disappointment that I thought I’d be digging them out this year. They redeemed themselves!

The hostas have been pretty happy too. In the past I’ve lost many a hosta plant to voles, but thankfully, the two outdoor cats have minimized that problem. Not and then there’s a bite from a slug, but they’re easily dealt with. After I pour my morning coffee, I like to take a quick stroll out front to enjoy the garden. Last week I got quite the shock – somewhat heartbreaking really. Several of my hostas had been eaten  leaving only bits of the stems. There were also hoof prints throughout. The culprit? A deer! Sure enough, hubby had captured the image on our surveilance cameras.

After much research, I mixed up two concoctions to spray onto the plants. One was made with eggs, garlic, oil, milk and water. Yummy.  The second was with fresh habanero peppers that were liquified in the blender, milk and water. If I make the second mixture again, it will be done outside. The peppers caused me to gag so I quickly put on my Covid mask and all was fine!


Elephant Ear bloom – on three Elephant Ear plants!

The plants were all sprinkled with Cayenne pepper the first night. The second night I sprayed with the habanero mixture. Rain was in the forecast so I covered the large hostas with bird netting. After two visits, the deer has not returned. I’m very hopeful, but I’m not letting my guard down. I will also be using a commercial mixture that is supposed to be rain resistant.

We have lived in our home for 35 years during which time there have always been flower gardens. This is the first time a deer has ever feasted on the tasty greenery. Hopefully she (he?) has found a better feeding ground.


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  1. Your yard is beautiful! I hope that the animals don’t do any more damage.

    Take care of each other!


  2. You have so many beautiful plants in your gardens. Thank you for sharing them with us.The daisies are my favorites!

  3. Yes, I’m enjoying gardening too. I’m busy getting the garden ready for winter. Lots of weeding, pruning, tidying and now I’m adding top soil, extra compost and planting some new bulbs. I’ve also ordered several perennials which I’ll be putting in too. Feeling pleased with myself!


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