Happy Easter all.  It’s been very quiet here and rainy, and gloomy.  We are following the state “stay at home” directive and well….let’s just say I did a lot of sewing today!


This week I finally finished my batik Chequers quilt. The pattern is from the “Modern Quilts Illustrated book.  This baby took forever! When I went to put the completed blocks together, I wasn’t loving a few of my choices so I remade the blocks. Then – ta da! – I quilted it! If you know me, you know that other than small quilts like table toppers, I am not a quilter. It’s just not something I enjoy, but this one I was determined to quilt.  It’s all straight and curvy lines.  Burying threads took forever!


Instead of using batting, I backed this top with a bright green fleece.  I love the weight and the softness.  This will be my new couch quilt to cuddle up with in the evenings when I’m chilled.


I’ve also made more masks. I’ll confess – I’m not as productive in this department as other quilters have been.  My hats off to all those who are so generously making and donating a load of masks. Some have offered to buy them from me but I have so gladly gifted the masks. We’re in this together and even my little contribution can go a long way.

May you all stay safe, happy and healthy!

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  1. Very cute pattern!

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  2. I like the Chequers design! Your masks look great. I have trouble with the bulky pleats, but I figure that finished is better than perfect.

  3. What a cool quilt checkers is. The bold colors really add to the feel of that quilt. I am making masks but I’m also working on some of my own things too. Did you use the cut up tee shirt thing for your ties? I’ve been making ties with a bias tape maker. But I’m always happy to do some personal sewing everyday too.

    • Thank you Bonnie. I love the boldness of color of batiks. And yes, I used t-shirts for the ties. Easy and a timesaver. Am balancing masks and personal sewing. Enjoy your creative time!


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