A New Year of ? . . .

Quilting, creating, travel and fun with friends! A two night sew-in with friends in March, three retreats in April and one in November. No firm travel plans yet, but I’m working on it!

First up is prepping to make a quilt for a baby girl due this spring.  The requested colors are red, gray and black. Here are the reds I’ve chosen:


And here are the grays and blacks:


My plan is to make a scrappy sawtooth star, with four patches between each star block. The fabrics are all prewashed and pressed. I’d like to get them cut this week, put in a project box with my notes and drawings, and bring to the March sew-in.

Next I need to make a plan for my flimsies (unquilted tops). Realistically, I will not quilt them all myself, so I need to decide which will go to the long arm professional. I’ll also need to choose and prep backings.

Then comes the charity quilts. The donations received need to be sorted through and a plan formed. The blocks made at the November retreat will be pieced. New blocks will be cut for the April Quilt & Sew-in. A new cause has been chosen for this retreat – more about that at a later time.

And then there is this basket FULL to be sorted, cut and put away.


Whew! That’s all my overwhelmed brain can handle for now! Have you made plans for the new year? Or do you take it a day at a time – free and unstressful?

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  1. I’m tired out just reading your post…but having said that I leave Friday for the South returning in March. I have cut 2 quilt tops. One is a Bonnie Hunter….what was I thinking…oh yes, use up the blue scraps, not a chance. The other is a pattern by Edyta Sitar….my dream quilt since 2017. Of course I didn’t shop for the fabric until I saw some of the line at Missouri Star a year later. Then the hunt began…Pineapple Fabrics, several trips, then Keepsake and Pineapple didn’t have the background so I substituted and cut away, then they DID have the fabric at $3.99 a yard!!!! So 10 yards later…..6 1/2” strips are cut but 65 squares are calling me. If I ever decide to make a quilt 102” again please slap me. Lastly, my form is filled out and you should get that with a check this week. Hope I make the Retreat. Hugs Linda C Sent from my iPad


  2. No wonder I haven’t heard a peep from you, Joyce! You’ve been busy! ha! I made 100 flying geese yesterday. Working to keep up with this BH mystery quilt. I’m going to pick up my machine one day next week. Maybe we can sneak lunch in. Will call you.



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