Week Two

On Saturday I came home from a sew-in and on Sunday left with Hubby for Richmond, Virginia for some sightseeing.  The city is so rich with history. We walked many, many miles each day and found ourselves constantly looking up at the amazing architecture.  There are also many phenomenal historical statues. Below left is the city hall and the third is the state capital.


On day two we had a few hours of rain so we headed to the Richmond Museum of Fine Arts.  What a treasure filled with exquisite exhibits!  AND…there was a special exhibition of quilts: Cosmologies from the Tree of Life: Art from the African American South with a quilt display of Gees Bend.  All were made of silk or corduroy and hand pieced and quilted.  Such a treat especially since I have long been a fan!


On day four we headed to Southport, NC for some R&R.  Walking, bicycle riding and enjoying the waterfront for three days was so relaxing.

I DID NOT sew a single stitch by machine or by hand for the entire trip! Now that I’m back, I best get busy!

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  1. Martha from Cotton Quilt in Granite Falls has a quilt shop in the antique/venue shop in Southport – it’s great. Love Southport!

  2. So glad you had a nice week(s) of r & r
    Joyce I’ve never visited Richmond
    The bldgs you photo(ed) are beautiful
    I have been to Southport and it is lovely

  3. Beautiful photos….a week of sightseeing and leisure….before the chill sets in. The quilts are a special treat. I received the book as a gift years ago and every now and then I pull it out and put a CD into my old laptop to think of a life in the past. Heading to Myrtle with neighbors at the end of the month. We’ll camp since we have to bring Miss Tucker (little Chihuahua loves camping)…no pouches allowed at the Marriott where we’ll meet up with the others to take in a Matinee Nov 1, and have a dinner or 2. Thanks for sharing Hugs, Linda C

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