Last Border, Round Robin

Finally!! This Round Robin project has been around forever! There was only one border remaining for me to do but I just couldn’t decide. At first I was so sure it was to be yellow.  I even sewed one strip on only to see it wasn’t the right one. Not much unsewing, so that was okay. Lots of auditioning and finally decided on a black and white print. I was also determined to use something from my stash!


I didn’t like all one plain border – just didn’t seem to go with all the other rounds that the very talented participants added to my center block.  I tried a plain black corner square. Nope. So I mimicked the previous pieced corner square and finally finished the final border!


I like it! It has now been added to the “to be quilted pile” that I’ve never had, said I would never have, but is now a reality. I’m thinking of getting a quilt ladder for my studio to display the flimsies – why not enjoy them instead of being piled in a closet?!

Thank you so very much to Helen, Deb and Judy for this wonderful experience doing a Round Robin. I love my quilt!

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  1. Love it! The outer border is perfect!


  2. Laurie Jasany


  3. I really enjoyed working on this! Between the monthly exchanges and the forced thinking outside of my normal box. I just need to finish adding the beads to mine and then it will be ready for quilting as well. If you ever want to do another one, just let me know……..

  4. Finally finished is just such a wonderful feeling! Your round robin is absolutely beautiful. Great job!!:)

  5. This is a wonderful example of how fabulous round robins can be. Good feeling to finish a project.

  6. It’s stunning!

  7. Beautiful! Sometimes those Round Robins don’t turn out so well but this one absolutely did!

  8. Perfect ending!!! The random Xs round is especially impressive!

  9. Interesting color choices, my eyes didn’t stop moving. Here’s a tip to save you some un-stitching time, use Elmers washable school glue. A few small dot in the seam line across the width of fabric. Set the glue with your iron then flip the fabric open to view your auditioned piece. If you don’t like it either pull it off or use a warm wet cloth to soften the glue. However if it suits you, stitch away.


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