My Minky Misadventure

Where did my post go?? I will attempt a rewrite.  For some reason, when checking today, all my text was gone!

I recently decided to order a few very pretty and oh so soft Minky fabrics for a baby gift.  I chose a very simple pattern – Bento box block.

I looked up all the suggstions for sewing with Minky and followed them.

  1. Simple pattern
  2. Use lots of pins
  3. Sew with walking foot
  4. Sew slowly, guiding fabric
  5. Do not iron (will melt fabric)


The backing was also Minky – so pretty!

When finished, this blanket was NOT flat.  This will not be gifted after all.  Maybe it will go to a little girl for her doll.  Sigh…


I have said “Never Again!” There are, however, leftovers, so I might just try again later…MUCH later!

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  1. Marla Vaverka

    Next time, get some adhesive spray for the seam allowances, instead of pinning. You will have more control over the fabric that way. Just be sure to cover your work surface with plastic. I’ve used trash bags for that.

  2. My adventures with Minky have been frustrating. I always managed to stretch it somewhere despite my best efforts. I won’t use it again. I think Dolores has had good success with it. Maybe she can give you some pointers. It is a darling quilt otherwise.


  3. Good Morning! {{Hugs}} I am so sorry. This is exactly WHY I haven’t given Minky a chance. Every time I think I just might give it a shot, I see a post like this. I have used fleece as a backing without issue. My little ones love the feel of minky but so far I just shake my head. WHEN you try it again successfully (or not) please let us know! You will inspire me either way. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

    I have only ever used Minky as a backing and it’s worked really well. I have never tried to piece a top with it – I can see how easily it would be stretch out of shape. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Wonder how it would look if you tossed it in the dryer with a damp cloth? Maybe it would help flatten it? I don’t know but might be worth a try.

  5. Oh, how sad. All that work and care to have it come out the way it did. I love the feel of Minky but have never used it. I hand quilt and know I would not have success with it. I hope your second quilt using the leftovers comes out better — whenever you decide to use them.

  6. Karen Marlow-Goad

    that looks like it would be very hard for me to quilt!

  7. So sad that it didn’t come out as planned. Minky is pricey but oh so soft. I quilted a baby blanket for my sister-in-law. It came with a Minky back. Well, there were puckers and that was the best I could do. NEVER AGAIN!

  8. It’s possible that the grain directions didn’t like each other in the final assembly. Stretchy fabrics can be like that. I hope you have better luck next time.

  9. I haven’t tried Minky yet for this very reason! It seems to be more difficult to work with than I have the patience for. It’s a very cute quilt though, and I’m sure will be soft and cuddly no matter what!


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