Little Improv Thank You’s

Recently I wanted to send thank you notes and somehow a store purchased card fell short of how I wanted to express my gratefulness. I was also feeling a bit restless about my sewing – time to break out the scraps and do some improve! I chose various brights and just had to add some black and white and just began to piece.


The heart shape on this one below was a happy  accident! There was a fair amount of sewing with those narrow strips, but it was fun.


Basically a wonky log cabin, the one below is my favorite.


Each wasounted on stabilizer then glued to the front of a 5″ x 7″ card. If you do a card like this, remember to go to the post office to have it weighed as there was extra postage. But OH SO worth it! I just hope the recipients understand how much I appreciated them.

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10 responses »

  1. Laurie Jasany

    Really nice!

  2. Beautiful. My favorite is the heart.

  3. That is a clever idea. What glue did you use?

  4. Perfect! I did one once in an exchange and never got one back – boo hoo! Need to remember to do this more!

  5. Beautiful mini quilts!

  6. Nancy Sumner

    What a lovely gesture. They turned out great. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice! I am sure the recipients will enjoy their treasures!

  8. What a sweet gesture and a fun way to use up some scraps 🙂

  9. A lovely way to say a Big Thank you. Im sure they were appreciated


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