Lots of Cutting

The end of May I pulled a number of voile fabrics for a leader/ender project. As it turns out, the project I chose is really strip sewing and not good for a leader/ender. Sooo… I cracked open another project box with a pile of Blueberry Park fat quarters.  It was a lot of cutting, but the fabrics are such great eye candy that it was okay!


Not done yet as I have 449 pieces to cut from white fabric.  I’d like to get that done very soon so I do have a leader ender project. The idea of sewing two projects at once so appeals to me and have accomplished it several times.

The voile project will be cut next and will be a good one to have at my Featherweight.

Now…onto cutting!

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  1. Yes finding the right project to work on as a leader/ender is very important. I picked one that didn’t work earlier, and now have a simple rail fence that works so much better. Those are really pretty fabrics. I look forward to seeing how they look together.


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