Happy Father’s Day Quilt

A few years ago I discovered Woolies flannel and fell in love with them! I bought a fat quarter stack and proceeded to make a paper pieced quilt of cats.  The first couple of blocks were somewhat challenging until I got the hang of it. My hubby is a cat lover and I was making it for him.


Originally I wanted to give it to him at Christmas, but with as much as he is at home, it just wasn’t happening.  Most of the blocks were paper pieced at a retreat. I enlarged the blocks with borders (a deviation from the original pattern). The faces are appliqued and embroidered.  I’d meet friends at a local coffee shop and bring the embroidery with me – kinda sneaky but it worked! I laid out the blocks and took several pics as I couldn’t keep it on the design wall. One morning I was up early and began to stitch the blocks together but of course that would be the one day he got up an hour earlier than usual – grrr!

Finally it was off to the long arm quilter and I did manage to have a few hours home alone to get it bound. For the backing I used all the large leftover pieces. I absolutely love the pattern my long arm quilter used.  Notice that the recipient is being camera shy!

img_1368.jpgThe pattern was a Fons & Porter pattern.


Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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  1. Great quilt!!!!! The cars are charming. Is Bob in the Witness Protection Program?

    I’ve pretty much chosen my wood flooring — yep, I’m back to prefinished hardwoods with a few added area rugs. Now I’m making one last sweep of choices, but I think we will probably have Lowe’s do it unless someone can beat the price with a comparable product and service. I am totally ready to get this done, then shop for a few area rugs. Thanks for your help with this.



  2. What a fun quilt, I am sure he loves it.

  3. I love, love, love it, of course.

  4. Linda Corazzo

    Oh what fun! Love it!

    Sent from my iPad


  5. I had to laugh at you trying to hide it from Hubby, if I don’t want hubby to see some thing I put it in full sight LOL I have learnt from the past that if I hide it he will find it straight awayLOL Its a real cute quilt and I’m sure he loves it > Cheers Glenda

  6. What a cute cat quilt, beautiful fabrics also.

  7. What a wonderful gift! The cats are adorable. It’s hard to surprise people who live in the same house. Both my husband and I work from home and that makes secret sewing a bit tough!

  8. I love your quilt! The cats look mischievous, and the colours are great


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