#’s Two & Three Complete

Happy Mother’s Day! Today’s celebration had many facets. First, I celebrated the memory of my mother. How I wish I could share my passion for quilting with her. She did not quilt, but one of her many talents was sewing. Second, my dear hubby honored me for being the mother to his children. I rather enjoyed his cooking breakfast for me. My children then honored me with an exceptional luncheon that they prepared. I in turn celebrated the good fortune of being their mother. Such a great day!!


Now on to today’s quilt story!  I made three Hospice quilt tops from fabrics donated by Pineapple Fabrics, but only quilted and bound one. Last week I got really motivated and finished the other two! One I quilted loops and zig zagged in the squares.


The second I did double wavy lines across the quilt.  The two long seams beside the squares are covered with ribbon.  First, I glued them down with Okay to Wash It then sewed close to the side ends of the ribbon. I really like the way it separates out the sections and adds a little more interest to the quilt.



Both quilts were backed with fleece.  I am loving backing the small quilts with fleece – sew so much easier for quilting!


I have three more Hospice quilts backed and ready to quilt.  Time and motivation are all that are needed!

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Joyce. It sounds like your was lovely.

    I’m finishing Bria’s quilt then on to finishing the piecing and a bit of appliqué on a fifth Hospice quilt top. Then I will quilt those before piecing more tops.

    I even rly realized that I never got block pieces to you for the last retreat. I’m so sorry! I’ve made a note on my reminder list to get some ready for the November retreat. We are enjoying working with the blocks and fabrics you brought us. Several quilts are in progress or nearly complete.

    It seems so long since I have seen you. Let’s plan on meeting for lunch or a quilt shop run or something…

    Thank you so much for all you do.



  2. Good Morning! I love these color palette in these two quilts. And your quilting looks fun and I’ll bet it went quickly too. So much goodness to be shared here! ~smile~ Roseanne


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