The Last Scrap Attack

At least for now, that is.  I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I had my scraps sorted by color. None had been precut to any particular size. I devised a plan to get a better grip on things (or at least my scraps!)  There were a lot of larger pieces which I cut into 5 inch strips.


I also cut 2 1/2 inch strips:


1 1/2 inch strips. I have a scrap string quilt in the process for these.

3 1/2 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch squares. There is a leader-ender quilt in the process for the 2 1/2 inch squares.


There were fabrics in the bins that I have used many times and have had around for up to ten years. I am very tired of looking at them so they are headed to my next guild meeting to give away. No doubt they will make one or more other quilters very happy.All these scraps are so neat and tidy! I do still have a bin of black and white scraps that I will not cut until needed. I also have a bin of Kaffe scraps that will stay in their bin of disarray until I have a specific project for them.


I used my two fabric cutting machines – the Sizzix Big Shot Pro and the Sizzis Big Kick. Oh how much easier and quicker it was with those two work horses.

And the very scrappy scraps? They’re packed tightly in this bag and will be going to someone who stuffs dog beds with them. I like that so much better than putting them in the trash. Yes, mile a minute quilts could be made from them, but I don’t have the interest nor will I live long enough! If you think about it, there are the equivalent of many yards of fabric in here (the contents are quite compacted).


Now, feeling quite accomplished, I can proceed to finish a project or two!


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  1. Linda Corazzo

    What a happy scrap attack! This heARTs Creations post is motivating me… the weather… the fact that Tommy goes in for shoulder repair on the 8th. Wouldn’t it be great to bring a tote full of strips and a machine to the kitchen table (a more central location than the sewing room) or set up a small folding sewing table in a corner and quietly pass the time away. If I use a large piece of fabric I can hide boxes underneath the little table. Funny how our plans change in a moments notice…no retreat for me, no Lewis & Clark guided tour ending at the Pacific Ocean, no rally in Georgia, but I’ll get to practice my fake nursing skills and be a chauffeur and hopefully Tom will heal and be ready to RV early May to Camp Hatteras. I’m already missing the friendship of Retreaters! I thought it would be a busy travel year but so important to get healthy first. And we did get to leave NC on Dec 30 and return Feb 16th…I am grateful! Even if Florida was chilly at times! Miss You Joyce! Hugs, Linda C

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  2. Perfection! I started some of mine (and have always had a box of strips. There is a day or two in my future where I will conquer this like you did. Gives me hope. For you, it sounds just perfect and the mindless sewing in the dining room while hubs recuperates is perfect.


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