Lots of Cutting & Retreat Prep

Sewing retreats – so very much gets done! To prepare for a 4 day retreat I’m going to, I cut out not one, but two new projects! The first is for a gift for a little boy. I’ve never done an “I Spy” quilt before and thought it would be the perfect gift for the little guy.  Unfortunately, my stash is not very supportive of this quilt. I did manage to cut 9-five inch blocks and then the request process to friends and my guild for more. I’m going to do “square in a square” blocks, using various colors of polka dots for the outside of each I Spy block. This should be so colorfully fun! Yeah for my quilting buddies – they surely came through with squares. What I have is cut, pinned and ready to sew.


And I cut the Egyptian fabric I had. I’m using a Kaffe pattern, “Mardi Gras Star” from the book Kaffe Quilts AgainFirst time I’m using the paper plate organization method a friend recently shared with me. I love this! Every block is in it’s own plate. So much better than plastic baggies. This too is all ready to sew.

IMG_1043 (Medium)

Of course, that’s not all that’s traveling with me.  The leader-ender project I have at my machine at home will go with me and so will the string quilt I started recently.  One more WIP that’s been around for a while is going also. Hmmm, only 4 days. Too bad I’ll need to stop to sleep.

dream pic

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  1. Hi Joyce! I hope you have a blast at the retreat. I’ve never attended one but it sure sounds like fun. I’m wondering if you have enough with you to work on! HAHA! That I Spy quilt will be so cute. I made one last year and had to ask for help from quilter friends as I had very few novelty fabrics. They came through in spades for me, so I wish you the same success. I look forward to seeing all of your finishes! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I’m going through a similar process for a four day retreat later this week. I’m hosting, so I don’t have to finalize what to bring. The paper plate system works well for me. I look forward to the I Spy quilt. That is on my someday list. Have fun!

  3. The thrill of the prep and the anticipation of the the sewing time is some thing that never gets old!


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