Scraps, Scraps & More Scraps!!

This is a song every quilter I know sings! “They multiply on their own” is definitely a favorite phrase. I was looking through my scrap bins – they are separated by color. One bin is all Kaffe scraps. Hmmm…I feel like I’ve been looking at these same scraps forever now. I’ve never used one of the many “scrap saver systems” that others use, but wanted to do something to empty these bins and start fresh. So….out came the studio Sizzix and the Big Kick.

I cut many of the larger pieces into two and one-half inch strips.

img_1026 (medium)

Then I cut more of the larger pieces into one and one-half inch strips.

img_1027 (medium)

Finally, I cut scraps into bunches of two and one half inch squares. The squares are now leaders-enders for a scrap quilt. How quickly they get put together this way! The 2 1/2″ strips will sleep in their bin for a while. I will use them for scrappy quilts and will most likely be for Hospice donations.

img_1029 (medium)

I’ve wanted a simple straight stitch project to be at my Featherweight now resting comfortably in its new home. That’s what I’m using the 1 1/2″ strips for. I scored a great deal on very light weight interfacing (only 39 cents a yard! Hello 15 yards!) and am using it for a base for string blocks. Oh how I love the way the Featherweight sews. This is the perfect project for when I just don’t feel like thinking – mindless sewing. Very therapeutic!

img_1028 (medium)

Lots of fun sewing ahead. Now, if I could just figure out how to survive on less sleep!


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  1. Hi Joyce! All that wonderful organization and empty scrap bins have to make you feel fabulous and accomplished. Woot woot! I love seeing all of those strips and leader/ender squares. Nice job! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I need more hours in the day to finish what I started with my cutting up scraps. It is mighty satisfying isn’t it!

  3. Great job. Wish I had a Kaffe scrap pile. I would sew away.

  4. I also love to travel! I am planning a getaway with my 3 daughters and 4 grands for a week in Hawaii! Love your Trip Around the World…the globe in the center is an awesome, special touch!! Your creativity will be missed in the coming year as you stop being an Ambassador, but I definitely understand your choice!!

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  6. You’ve conquered the two big barriers to scrap use: getting them organized and finding a project for them. Enjoy piecing them up on your Featherweight!


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